Roof Overpaint Work at Large Retail Unit in Bridgwater, Somerset

roof-overpaint before during after
Bridgwater roof overpaint project before, during and after completion.

We recently completed this large roof overpaint project in Bridgwater. The project duration was four weeks in total. A team of four paint technicians including a supervisor carried out most the work. Overall everything went exactly to plan and there were no issues. We operated with minimum disruption to the daily running of the business occupying the premises.

delaminated paint moss algae growth
Paint delamination and organic growth on the roof sheets is visible in this image, before we started work.

We carried out regular inspections along with our colleagues during the works. Our surveys monitored all aspects of safety, ensured uninterrupted material supplies and the well-being of our staff. Giromax Technology despatched their regional engineer at the various stages of the project to inspect all preparation and coating works. Regular inspections of the works are necessary to validate the 20 year warranty. On completion its submitted and signed off.

large steel roof flaking paint
Our team of four had their work stacked out ahead of them at the start of the project, it was going to be a challenging project, but we like a good challenge here at D&D Coatings.

We installed scaffolding and boom access. Full access to the roof area, to safely carry out the works, was required. We erected scaffolding goal posts at the high points of each gable end. We minimised tenant disruption at the premises for the duration of the project. This is key part of our service.

power washing steel roof flaking paint
We cleaned loose flaking paint, algae, fungus, lichens and other debris using our petrol driven high-pressure washers.

Wash down

When we wash down it often reveals the extent of repair work required. These are usually small tasks that can be carried out easily. Occasionally we discoverer more complex issues with a roof system. These range from numerous broken fixings, cracked flashing and roof sheet corrosion that is beyond repair, or worse.

flaking paint cleaned off
We blast lose paint, organic growth and other debris with our pressure washers. Also visible in the image above are the scaffolding goal posts installed at the gable ends.

Our pressure washers do a fantastic job at cleaning and preparing the work area. We use petrol driven high-pressure washers, kicking out 200bar/2900psi. As good as our washers are however, they cannot clear everything. We usually need to get down and complete preparation by mechanical means. This gives our technicians the opportunity to closely inspect every centimetre of the roof.

Its during wash down and the clear up afterwards that we uncover some nasty surprises. A thorough roof inspection at this stage ensures we deliver best service to our clients.

remove-old cut edge pretection roof sheet overlaps
We remove the cut edge corrosion work carried out by previous contactors, extensive water ingress and corriosion revealed.

girosil logo

Roof coating

Girosil Roofcoat RC by Giromax was the specified coating system. We work closely with Giromax on many projects and have a very close working relationship with them. Roofcoat RC has a long lifespan and comes with a 20 year guarantee. This is issued to approved contactors such ourselves only. Roofcoat RC has excellent corrosion resistance. It also withstands intense UV bombardment. It forms part of the new generation of silicone hybrid high performance coatings developed by Giromax.

roof sheet cut edge cleaning
Our technicians busy removing flaked paint and corrosion debris post wash down.

To begin we start roof coating when the roof is completely clean and all repair work is complete. This includes treatment of cut edges and encapsulation of roof fixings. Full over-coating is undertaken using our petrol driven air-less spray unit. We achieve a 200 micron dry film thickness as specified by Giromax. This completely encapsulates the roof system including the sheet overlaps, fixing bolts and cut edges.

cut edge cleaned ready for treatment
Previous cut edge protection carried out by another contractor had failed and allowed water moisture to penetrate and corode.

Many litres of Girosil Roofcoat RC were required to ensure full coverage at the required thickness. Regular inspections by Giromax regional engineers were carried out at all stages. This ensured our technicians had all the support they needed for a successful outcome.

steel roof over painting in progress
The roof coating phase was carried out in sections.

Our technicians worked on small sections of the roof at a time. This method enabled them to accurately measure areas and materials. We achieve maximum efficiency and no wastage this way. Our surveyors are able to accurately monitor progress with this method.

roof over paint in progress
Large sections of the roof coating is now complete.

Roof overpaint completed

After four weeks of hard work our Bridgwater roof overpaint is complete. Our site surveyors along with an engineer from Giromax carry out the final inspection. We report back to our client and issue a 20 year warranty. We’ll be old and grey before this roof system needs another full overcoat. The integrity of the building envelope is now assured.

roof overpaint complete
This roof system is now as good as new and guaranteed for 20 years.

The scaffolders arrived just as our team departed heading back up the M5. They had spent four weeks practically living on site. Such is the dedication of our staff, they only returned to their homes at the weekends. Chapeau to them all, now there off to start work on the next project, where ever in the UK that might be.

roof overpaint complete packing up tools
Another successful project carried out by D&D Coatings

Wrapping things up

Yet again, Giromax supplied and delivered a tremendous service. The expertise, helpful assistance (when requested) and solid Girosil products all contributed to a very successful outcome of this project. We would like to thank Giromax along with our staff and third party suppliers for all pulling together. This and other projects without team effort would be much more difficult.

roof overpaint bridgewater complete

Ultimately we’d like to thank our client for inviting us to carry out the work. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

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