A Cut Edge Corrosion Nightmare? Don’t Panic!

Left to fall into disrepair by the landlord, this roof was very close to complete failure. Failure that could have led to collapse and the need for a costly full replacement. We were called in to rescue the roof system before it was too late. We got there just in time!

cut edge corrosion nightmare
A cut edge corrosion nightmare in Yorkshire rescued from certain doom by D&D Coatings.

No job too big

Specializing in large-scale projects, we recently took on this extensive cut edge corrosion repair project in Yorkshire. The work involved dealing with mid laps that were in an appalling condition. However, this was not a challenge for D&D Coatings, as we have successfully treated many similar issues over the past 25+ years using the highly effective HD Sharmans Seamsil 100 System.

extreme cut edge corrosion steel roof sheet
👆 Bits of this roof were literally falling off!

Mid lap restoration process

With our expertise and experience, we tackled the project with care, precision and efficiency. Our team of technicians carefully assessed the full roof system. Focussing next on the mid laps we developed a comprehensive plan to halt the oxidation and restore ingress protection. The Seamsil 100 System, known for its exceptional performance, was applied to address the existing ‘cut edge corrosion nightmare’ issues and prevent further deterioration.

roof sheet overlaps cleaned up
Before treatment, the sheet overlaps were thoroughly cleaned to ensure the removal of any oxidized metal flakes.

Seamsil 100

Seamsil 100 is a durable solution for preventing corrosion at cut edges and overlap joints on commercial and industrial metal roofs. Designed to stop rust, this silicone-based treatment will also protect against chemical corrosion and industrial contamination. It is particularly effective in marine and coastal regions with high levels of salty, humid air. Sharmans is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Seamsil and we are an approved contractor.

seamsil 100 system sheet overlaps
Seamsil 100 system used for treating sheet overlaps.

Commitment to quality

The D&D Coatings’ team is committed to quality. We have built a solid reputation in the industry due to our exceptional proficiency in managing intricate projects. Our continued successful use of the Seamsil 100 System in this Yorkshire project, and many others, further solidifies our reputation as a leading provider of advanced protective coating solutions.

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