Roof Coating Services

Searching for reputable roof coating companies is not easy — pick the wrong contractor and you could be left with a real mess!

roof cut edge before after
Corroded steel ridge caps before & after treatment.

Roof Problems

You probably already know you have a problem with your roof — you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. Rest assured — we’re here to help!

Roof problems manifest in many different ways. Not all are so obvious. They usually begin a long time before they are noticed. Be honest, how often to you check your roof? A leak, unsightly chalking and rust, or a dirty skylight are the most common reasons for people to check their roof. Unfortunately by this point the situation is already quite serious.

A leak can be the result of anything from capillary action to corrosion of any kind. With chalking on steel cladding you’re already on the road to bigger problems. Dirty skylights are another seemingly harmless problem that quickly develop into something much more serious. And rust — well need we say more. Rust or corrosion of any type is a bad thing. Its a bad thing that needs to be fixed asap!

pressure washing steel roof sheets factory
Roof coating service preparation work in progress.
large roof coating services
Large roof overpaint project completed.

The Solution

First and foremost don’t put a roof problem on your ‘to-do list’ and forget about it. Roof coating problems don’t go away by themselves. They only get worse. You could be at a critical point blissfully unaware of the disaster waiting to happen. A bad storm or other extreme weather event will reak havoc on a poorly maintained roof system.

Secondly, don’t hire cowboys! We come across so many horror stories. Roof coating services carried out using domestic internal paint. Cheap silicone bathroom sealant used instead of industrial grade mastic/MS-polymer sealant. People basically masquerading as professionals when they are most definitely not. It’s always the same excuse – “…but they we’re so much cheaper than everyone else.”.

Our recommendation is to pick up the phone or fill out a contact form right away. It’ll take just a few minutes of your time. Simply tell us, or another approved and accredited roof coating service provider, that you may have an issue with your roof. After a quick chat with our sales team and booking you in for a roof inspection, you’ll be well on your way to getting things sorted.

dirty skylight corrugated steel roof
Dirty skylights increase lighting costs.
fixing roof sheet edge corrorsion
Corroded roof fixings and sheet edges.
paint technicians cleaning roof
Roof coating preperation work.
edge protection steel roof sheets
Roof sheet edge protection.

Roof Coating Services Explained

Roof coating services, like any service, begin with a simple enquiry or recommendation. An approved contractor, such as ouselves, will start with a simple consultation. Consisting of a few short questions the consultation takes no time at all. It includes questions about the age of the roof, roof type (if known), last roof maintenance service carried out and so on. To establish the severity of the situation you may also be asked to describe the problem.

After the short consultation a member of our survey team will carry out a roof inspection. Once we have gathered all the information we require and have specified the correct coating system, we submit a project plan and proposal. This will include coatings specifications, colours, project cost options and lead times.

On approval of our submission, a full site survey and risk assessment will be booked. This will also include a project schedule detailing start and completion dates. Ordering the roof coating system comes next. Followed by manufacturer inspection dates arrangements. Coatings manufacturers carry out inspections to validate the warranties they provide for their roof coating stems.

large roof overpaint before after photo
Large roof overpaint project in Derby, before and after.

Our roof coating systems carry between 10 and 25 year manufacturers warranties

Other Services

Our roof coating services include all areas of the roof structure and its components. From full overpainting and cut-edge treatment to gutter lining, roof-light glazing and fixing encapsulation. Here are D&D Coatings we provide the full package for any roof coating project.

We are approved applicators of the highest rated proprietary roof coating systems in the UK, many of which carry warranties of up to a 25 years. We are proud to be approved applicators of the Giromax, HD Sharmans, AkzoNobel, Rooflock, Tikkurila and Sherwin Williams roof coating systems. Single point maximum 15-year warrantees can be issued upon the completion of projects using products from these manufacturers when requested.

In all cases our works will be undertaken without disruption in adherence with our SafeContractor code, maintaining the highest standards of health & safety

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D&D Industrial Coatings Ltd are an approved contractors for major UK paint manufacturers

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large warehouse roof chester overpaint before after photo
Full overpaint roof coating services at a warehouse in Chester, before and after.

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