DriSilane & Giromax Featured Projects

Here at D&D Coatings we are proud to be regularly featured in our partners case studies and marketing material. Giromax® and DriSilane® are two such partners to feature our work recently. Working closely with these coatings industry leaders allows us all to meet 100% of our clients needs.

recent roof coating projects

Close working partnerships are vital to the success of each project. As approved DriSilane & Giromax contractors, we are able to deliver the very best service with the highest rated coating systems.

Recent DriSilane projects

Trafford Park, Manchester

We were tasked with gutter refurbishment and cut edge treatment for this project. We successfully completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Delaminated roof sheets were treated with ReCote across 1,300m2. ReTrim was installed during gutter substrate refurbishment. DriSilane® ReCote carries a 20 year warranty having been installed by D&D Coatings.

cladding cut edge corrosion treatment trafford park manchester

Darlington Retail Park

For the Darlington project the focus was very much on the sheet laps and ends. We installed DriSilane® RePair to treat these. Using solvent free products meant there were no harmful emissions. This was especially import due to the retail park location of the unit. In addition to the work carried out on the roof sheet trim edges we carried out substrate treatment for the gutters, ReTrim was again installed here.

All work was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. DriSilane® RePair & ReTrim carries a 15 year warranty for this project, meaning peace of mind for the buildings owners.

cut edge corrosion treatment darlington retail park

Having enjoyed a successful partnership with DriSilane for some time now we are confident in our ability to deliver the best results in the most challenging of tasks. The DriSilane roofing programme, when applied by industry specialists such as ourselves, is one of the most advanced coating systems on the market.

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Recent Giromax projects

Giromax® and D&D Coatings have enjoyed a long partnership working together on many projects over the years. Our continued success is in part due to the close relationship we have with Giromax® Technology.

Aston Industrial Estate, Birmingham

This 1,000 m2 roof was suffering from corrosion to all areas. Damp and moisture was a potential issue during the project. Giromax Roofcoat and Edgecoat cope well in these conditions which meant minimal disruption to the application process. Damaged and flaking paint was stripped back exposing the substrate prior to treatment. A 25 year warranty was issued on completion. This is standard practice when the Giromax Roofcoat system is installed by approved applicators.

roof corrosion treatment aston industrial estate

Llanelli Industrial Park, South Wales

Another retail unit in need of roof refurbishment using Giromax Roofcoat and Edgecoat. This 1,500 m2 roof had areas of delamination, especially around the midlaps. The only challenges we faced on this project were weather conditions. Not rain or wind but extreme heat. Giromax products cannot be installed in temperatures exceeding 35°C. We worked during the early hours of the morning over eight days back to back. This enabled us to avoid the high temperatures during the day and complete the project on schedule.

roof sheet midlap corrosion treatment llanelli

We’re pleased to be the main feature on the January 2023 Giromax® Newsletter and happy our graphics resources from our technical blogs are also being utilised to showcase Giromax’s revolutionary laminar flake technology.

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We have a wealth of experience in managing successful partnerships with manufacturers, developers and surveyors. Our amazing team has the skills, experience and expertise necessary for developing meaningful relations. Contact us today if you have a system you wish to introduce or a project to carry out. We look forward to hearing from you.

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