Wall Cladding Coating

If your building is over 25 years old its probably in need of some wall cladding coating

wall cladding coating distribution centre
Large wall cladding coating project complete.

Faded, flaking and rusted cladding

Pre-finished corrugated steel cladding is a flexible and adaptable surface skin for commercial buildings. Its incredibly robust and long lasting considering how thin each sheet of steel cladding actually is. As little as 0.4mm in some cases. However, its not a ‘maintenance-free’ material. Like any other building component it does need some routine care and attention.

Faded, flaking and rusted cladding should not be ignored. Wall cladding maintenance, when carried out to manufacturer specifications, usually only involves a few coatings of paint. Wall cladding coating is a relatively fast process. In most cases our cladding maintenance services are hassle-free. They are carried out without affecting the normal operations of a building. So don’t put it off, get your cladding inspected today to prevent problems with it tomorrow.

light-grey-wall cladding coating dark blue shutters
Wall cladding, shutters and fixings all re-coated, refreshed and rebranded.
wall cladding coated looks new
Our wall cladding coating services make your building look as good as new!

All problems great and small

Believe it or not, the colour of your cladding affects its lifespan, or rather the lifespan of the coating. Brighter colours usually fade more quickly than darker colours. When corporate identity and branding is crucial faded or chalking cladding is a problem. Equally when compliance with lease repairing covenants is required, an early over-paint will usually be necessary.

Fading and chalking usually precedes flaking. When you have flaking paint your problems are beginning to snowball. Corrugated steel is an excellent and very popular building material, as we explain here. Its amazing at protecting building interiors from the elements. Just imagine what would happen if those corrugated steel cladding sheets started to peel away and disappear. Its the same relationship with paint and cladding. Take away the paint and the cladding becomes vulnerable and susceptible to corrosion.

When a coating begins to chalk and breakdown, over-painting becomes absolutely necessary. First and foremost carrying out wall cladding coating will prevent exposure of the metal substrate to weathering and subsequent corrosion. A loss in the weather protection on a building’s structure exposes its interior to the elements.

industrial unit wall cladding coating
Cladding coating work complete for a large suite of industrial units.
wall cladding coating apartment building
Wall cladding coating for an apartment building.
large office cladding newly coated
Cladding on a large office complex recently re-coated.
ongoing cladding coating work
Scaffolding installed for ongoing cladding coating work.

Wall cladding coating services explained

Over-painting cladding will extend the lifespan of steel cladding by at least 10 years. Regular follow-up over-paints will help it last even longer, decades longer. However, to ensure such longevity its important to get the over-paint timing right. The process is much easier when the existing coating is still intact, isn’t flaking and does not require removal.

Choosing the right coating for your wall cladding is also important. We are fully equipped to advise you on what the most suitable products will be for your building. As approved contractors for most of the UK’s leading paint manufacturers, we are trusted partners in the coatings industry. This means we stay fully up to date with the very latest technological developments. We don’t just recommend coatings that suit our bottom line best — we recommend coatings that suit your needs best.

Our Premier Cladding Coating Systems

  • Stealseal manufactured by Akzo Nobel – Steelseal Topcoat is available on a colour-match system to match any corporate colour or existing cladding colours. The Steelseal System comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Temadur manufactured by Tikkurilla – The Temadur system comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

3 Step Wall Cladding Coating Process

  1. Survey – inspection and assessment to identify an appropriate solution.
  2. Preparation – in most cases a high-pressure wash down of the area to be re-coated and removal of any loose paint using abrasives. Any areas of bare metal must be spot treated with an appropriate primer before application of the topcoat.
  3. Coating – wall cladding coatings are applied by spray or roller application in one or two coats to the required thickness specified by the manufacturer.
commercial units cladding coating before after

Our wall cladding coating systems carry between 10 and 15 year manufacturers warranties

Other Services

Here are D&D Coatings we provide the full package for all cladding coating projects. Our wall cladding coating services include all aspects of cladding refurbishment. From full overpainting and cut-edge treatment to fixing fixing encapsulation and sheet replacements where required. We don’t just do wall cladding either. Visit our Industrial & Decorative Painting Services page to find out about everything else we can do for you.

We are approved applicators of the highest rated proprietary cladding coating systems in the UK, many of which carry warranties of up to a 15 years. We are proud to be approved applicators of the Giromax, HD Sharmans, AkzoNobel, Rooflock, Tikkurila and Sherwin Williams cladding coating systems. Single point maximum 15-year warrantees can be issued upon the completion of projects using products from these manufacturers when requested.

In all cases our works will be undertaken without disruption in adherence with our SafeContractor code, maintaining the highest standards of health & safety

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D&D Industrial Coatings Ltd are an approved contractors for major UK paint manufacturers

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