Assessing Substrate Corrosion Under Insulation

A study has examined epoxy-based coating degradation on steel substrates under thermal insulation at high temperatures

substrate corrosion assessment

Before we delve in let’s take a closer look at the substrate corrosion that occurs under insulation. Corrosion under insulation (CUI) can cause significant damage to equipment and infrastructure. This will often lead to costly repairs and downtime. It is crucial to identify and address this problem soon to prevent further deterioration.

Comprehensive inspections

To tackle this issue, we must implement comprehensive inspection and maintenance programs. Regular inspections should be conducted to detect any signs of corrosion, such as discolouration, blistering, or flaking of the insulation. By prioritizing the evaluation and prevention of corrosion under insulation, we can safeguard our equipment, infrastructure, and ultimately, our operations.

technician carrying out steel factory roof inspection work substrate corrosion detection
A D&D Coatings technician carrying out roof inspection work in Sheffield.

Substrate corrosion

Organic coatings at high temperatures and thermal cycling conditions may fail, so coating performance must be evaluated in realistic thermal insulation conditions. Proper insulation selection and installation techniques are essential to minimize the risk of corrosion.

Protective coatings

In CUI systems, protective coatings (organic or metallic) act as the final barrier against rapid corrosion of the metallic substrate. Organic coatings at high temperatures and thermal cycling conditions are prone to failure. This necessitates performance evaluations under representative thermal insulation conditions.

Training and safety first

We must also emphasize the importance of proper training for personnel involved in insulation installation and maintenance. Personnel should be educated on best practices, safety at height and the potential consequences of inadequate insulation systems.

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