Girosil Roofcoat RC, Gutter & Edge Corrosion Treatment

Girosil is a New Silicone and Urethane, Moisture Tolerant, Solvent Free Coating, lets explore this revolutionary product

girosil laminar flake vs standard pigment coatings
Laminar fakes overlap inside the coating making it almost impossible for moisture to corrode the substrate.

Girosil is a new high tech, incredibly robust, coating system developed by Giromax. It provides an excellent barrier to moisture and the ingress of corrosive ions whilst remaining breathable. It uses a high aspect ratio laminar flake technology which provides excellent levels of anti-corrosion performance.

girosil edge gutter roofcoat

What is Girosil?

Girosil is an amalgam of silicone and urethane which makes it 100% solvent free. It creates a moisture tolerant coating that’s impact resistant, flexible and resistant to UV radiation, weather and temperature variations. The coating therefore retains long lasting flexibility, adhesion and substrate protection without cracking or peeling.

D&D Coatings have been actively involved in the development of Girosil. We are at the forefront in the battle against corrosion and always looking to make improvements to the systems we use. The application process of the protective coatings we use can often be an issue in unsettled and inclement weather conditions. The lifespan of the product is also a key factor when it comes to choosing the right coating system. Girosil® is an incredible product that ticks all the right boxes for us.

Where can it be used?

Girosil is designed to treat cut edge corrosion, metal guttering and steel or asbestos profiled roof sheets and wall cladding. It is primarily intended for use as a protective shield against the elements on commercial roof systems. It can be applied in dry or wet conditions due to its outstanding tolerance to moisture.

How does it work – Laminar Flake Explained

Standard corrosion treatment systems are constructed with spherical pigments suspended in the paint. This allows an undesirable amount of moisture to penetrate the system in very wet conditions. That moisture will often travel all the way down to the substrate, eventually resulting in further corrosion.

However, with Girosil this is not the case. Due to the new revolutionary overlapping laminar fakes that are incorporated in the coating, its almost impossible for moisture to get through. The flakes align in parallel to the substrate sealing and bonding with the corrosion to create an impenetrable barrier against air and moisture. Please see the diagram below to see how it works.

Key performance features:

  • A life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years
  • Permanent Flexibility & Impact Resistant
  • UV & Temperature Stable
  • 100% Moisture Tolerant
  • One Coat Application
  • Laminar Flake Technology
  • Unaffected by Standing Water
  • Solvent & Skin Free Coating
  • Primer-less Adhesion to Steel or Asbestos
  • Breathable Coating for Asbestos & Concrete

Girosil® consists of three main products designed for treating specific areas, they are:

Girosil Edge RC-E, Gutter RC-G and Roofcoat RC is often used in conjunction with the following products:

GIROSIL® BaseCoat: One-part anti-corrosion coating, brush or roller applied onto ST2 prepared steel substrate. Tolerant of damp and humid conditions.

Curing System:MoistureSpecific Gravity: 1.1
Min. WFT / DFT:100 μm / 55 μmVolume Solids55%
Max. WFT / DFT:145 μm / 80 μmTheoretical (50mm band):200 lm / Lt
Application Temp:0ºc /+35ºcOvercoat Time:2-3 hrs
Supplied in:1 & 2.5 LtVOC:381 g / Lt

GIROSIL® SE: Gun-grade one-part modified polymer sealant incorporating laminar flake technology. Tooled with RoofCoat RC for lap sealing.

Curing System:MoistureColour:Grey
Shore A (Typical):55M/ment Accom.± 70%
Tensile at break:1.85 N/mm²Elong. at Break:220%
Application Temp:0ºc /+35ºcSkin Time@ 20oC15 mins
Service Temp:-40ºc/+120ºcCure @ 20oC2mm/24hr
Supplied in:310ml tubeUV Resistance:Excellent

Girosil Edge RC-E

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment System

girosil edge rc e sheet overlaps treated

Girosil Edge RC-E is one of the three systems in the new Girosil range of coatings from Giromax. Developed with decades of experience of roof refurbishment and repair, Girosil is at the cutting edge of this technology. Its designed to protect the front and reverse of the cut edge on profiled steel sheets preventing rainwater re-entering the lap.

It also acts as a protective encapsulation for panel fixings. It can be applied in wet or dry conditions and once set creates a strong yet flexible, dirt and impact resistant coating.

Profiled steel roofing has improved a lot in recent years. Manufacturers have increased substrate protection and improved lap sealing at the sheet cut edges. This has subsequently extended the lifespan of modern roof systems to over 40 years.

However quite the opposite is the case with older roofs. Cut edge corrosion at the overlaps is a serious issue for property owners which needs to be professionally addressed. Its one of our key services and Girosil Edge RC-E is our system of choice on most projects.

Key Benefits of Edge RC-E

  • A fully moisture tolerant system using a new laminar flake technology
  • Up to 15 years guaranteed lifespan
  • Resistant to UV and extreme weather and temperatures
  • Hardens to an elastic and flexibility coating
  • Can better withstand surface movements

Edge RC-E Application

We are approved Girosil Applicators and fully trained by Giromax who will inspect the work when requested. Loose and flaking coatings, non-adherent rust staining, swarf and debris are first removed to create a firm edge. This ensures the substrates are structurally sound and suitable for treatment. We clean the surface using isopropyl alcohol then apply Girosil Edge RC-E by brush or roller.

Girosil Edge is best suited for use on:

  • Cut edge corrosion treatment on profiled steel roofing
  • Gutter joint sealing
  • Hook bolt and local encapsulation on asbestos cement sheeting
  • Profiled metal sheet and rooflight lap seal

Edge RC-E Technical Data

Brush-grade, one-part solvent free silicone hybrid coating. Moisture tolerant, flexible and UV, temperature and impact resistant.

Curing System:MoistureColour:Various
Shore A (Typical):55Volume Solids100%
WFT / DFT:200 μmTheoretical (75mm band):66 lm / Lt
Application Temp:0ºc /+60°cSkin Time @ 20°C2-4 hours
Service Temp:-40ºc /+120°cCure Time @ 20°C16 hours
Supplied in:2.5 & 5 LtVOC:0 g / Lt

Girosil Gutter RC-G

Gutter Refurbishment Treatment System

girosil gutter rc g treated corrosion

Girosil Gutter RC-G is a new solvent free high-tech gutter coating system designed to treat corrosion. Its designed to re-line metal, concrete and asbestos gutter and rainwater systems.

It works by sealing the gutter substrate and protecting metal gutter systems from corrosion, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. Joints are also fully encapsulated, protecting weak points from water ingress.

Girosil Gutter RC-G easily copes with surface movement. Its excellent elastic and flexible properties allow stretching and contraction without cracking. Using Girosils’ new laminar flake technology both the base coat and sealant stabilises the substrate, firmly sealing and bonding with any corroded areas.

Key Properties

  • Fully moisture tolerant
  • Solvent free coating
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • UV radiation resistant
  • Fully flexible allowing movement
  • Accommodates standing water
  • Suitable for metal, concrete and asbestos

Gutter RC-G Application

The area to be treated is first cleaned and peel adhesion tests are the carried out ensure the surface to be treated is suitable for application. Girosil SE is gun applied to the joint to form a complete bridged seal.

A coat of Girosil RC-G gutter joint repair is then brush applied to between 25mm and 50mm either side of the gutter joint. Joint bolts and fixings are also encapsulated at this stage. We only apply Gutter RC-G once we are sure the substrate is structurally sound and clean. Application by brush or roller is carried out to ensure sufficient coverage and thickness of at least 200 microns.

Girosil Gutter RC-G Technical Data

Brush-grade, one-part solvent free silicone hybrid coating. Moisture tolerant, flexible and UV, temperature and impact resistant.

Curing System:MoistureColour:Various
Shore A (Typical):55Volume Solids100%
WFT / DFT:500 μmTheoretical Coverage:2 m 2/ Lt
Application Temp:0°c /+60°CSkin Time @ 20°C2-4 hours
Service Temp:-40ºc /+120°CCure Time @ 20°C16 hours
Supplied in:15 LtVOC:0 g / Lt

Girosil Roofcoat RC

Profiled Roof Sheet Refurbishment Coating

girosil roofcoat rc profiled steel roof

Roofcoat RC is flexible when cured allowing it to cope with sheet movement without cracking or peeling. It is also unaffected by UV and temperature extremes. With its moisture tolerance and strong adhesion qualities it can be applied in the wet conditions. It is the ideal product for reinstating a protective coating to profiled metal cladding. Roof coats RC’s standard 200 micron application provides protection equal to the original coating, if not better.

Girosil BaseCoat and Sealant stabilises the substrate. Its unique laminar flake technology seals and bonds with the corrosion. Girosil Roofcoat RC then hardens to a robust elastic finish which is resistant to impact and dirt.

Roof coating is not as simple as it might seem. With cheaper lower quality coatings problems will occur with condensation, leaks and building regulations. This will most certainly result in repainting being required every 10 years at the very least.

Key Benefits of Roofcoat RC

  • Breathable coating for asbestos and concrete protection
  • 20+ years life expectancy
  • UV radiation and extreme temperature resistance
  • Primer-less adhesion to most substrates
  • Solvent free, one coat application
  • Fully moisture tolerant, apply in rain

Roofcoat RC Application

When applying Girosil RC we start be thoroughly cleaning the substrate and ensure its structurally sound. Priming is not generally required unless indicated by the on-site adhesion test. Application by spray, brush or roller is then carried out depending on the circumstances. One coat is usually all thats required providing the required coverage and thickness is achieved. We then carry out peel adhesion tests are to check the surface.

Girosil RoofCoat RC Technical Data

Brush-grade, one-part solvent free silicone hybrid coating. Moisture tolerant, flexible and UV, temperature and impact resistant.

Curing System:MoistureColour:Various
Shore A (Typical):55Volume Solids100%
WFT / DFT:200 μmTheoretical Coverage:5 m2 / Lt
Application Temp:0°c /+60°CSkin Time @ 20°C2-4 hours
Service Temp:-40°C /+120°CCure Time @ 20°C16 hours
Supplied in:15 LtVOC:0 g / Lt

If you would like to find out how Girosil could protect your premises please contact us today on 01606 554040 or visit our contact page.

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