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Over 25 years working closely with Giromax, we are one of their most trusted, approved applicators

giromax approved contractors roof coating work
Giromax Roofcoat and Rooflight Clearcoat work in Portsmouth.

With Giromax we have the solutions to all your coating problems

We are Giromax approved contractors for the UK. The close working relationship we have with Giromax gives us priority access to their most advanced coating systems. The wealth of knowledge we’ve gained over 25 years means we are one of the premier applicators for Giromax products. Whether you need a full roof overcoat, wall cladding refresh or cut edge corrosion treatment, we’re here to help.

Industrial building envelopes suffer stresses all year round. Extreme heat, rain and wind are becoming the new norm for our weather here in the UK. High humidity is a cause for concern too. Climate change means coating systems need to be more robust than ever before. For roof and wall cladding, gutter systems and sheet end treatments we almost always recommend Giromax products.

A single coat of Giromax® Roofcoat is enough to achieve full protection against the elements. Guttercoat, Edgecoat, Girocote and Rooflight all required just two coats for maximum protection. This allows Giromax approved contractors such as ourselves to work faster and more efficiently. Best of all we’ll cause minimal disruption to the operations of your business. In most cases you’ll hardly know we’re there — unless you go outside and look up!

large factory roof coated giromax
Large factory unit roof coating project completed with Giromax Roofcoat.

So who are Giromax?

Giromax Technology Ltd was incorporated just a year before D&D Coatings back in 1996. So you could say as businesses we’ve grown up together. Their mission is to support companies offering dilapidation services with a suite of dedicated advanced coating systems. They specialise in the refurbishment and protection of all types of steel roofing & cladding. Giromax provide product training for all their systems. Project Surveys and Specification writing are also provided on request for their products.

From their headquarters in Lutterworth, Leicestershire Giromax have worked with steel companies in the UK and EU. This has enabled them to establish the best possible corrosion protection solutions for todays challenges. They say they have a product for every industrial cladding problem, and we agree. With a team of over 50 employees, they continue to innovate with up to the minute solutions for any problems. Giromax is a team-orientated company. Every member of staff plays a key role in driving their coatings technology forward.

cladding coating spray cherry picker
Spray application work for cladding with a cherry picker.
approved giromax contractors gutterwork
Approved Giromax contractor gutter lining work.
giromax approved contractors edgecoat work on cut edge corrosion
Giromax Edgecoat work treating cut edge corrosion.
contractor roof access system
Roof access system.

Certification and warrantees

All our work is carried out to full Giromax specification. Our technicians are trained and tested on each of the five systems we apply. Throughout every project we are in regular contact with our technicians and our Giromax colleagues. Our technicians provide daily progress reports. Inspections are carried out and guidance, where necessary, is given by our Giromax colleagues. At the end of each job our work is inspected and certified. Relevant warranties are issued from between 10 and 25 years depending on the product. Warranties are only issued to Giromax approved contractors like D&D Coatings.

metal gutter before treatment
Corroded gutters before treatment.
metal gutter after giromax gutter repair treatment
Gutters after Giromax Guttercoat treatment.

Product range

The steel envelope of a commercial building and its supporting components suffer from degradation over time. Replacing steel roof sheets, skylights, cladding and gutters is very costly indeed. The Giromax products we are approved to apply will help put to stop such deterioration. They will save you many thousands of pounds and extend the lifespan of your property.

Below is list of some of the dilapidations we treat, visit the links to read about the product solutions for these problems:

15 year guarantee icon

Edgecoat for Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Edgecoat is a revolutionary next generation cut edge corrosion treatment system, its BBA certified and protects for up to 15 years.

  • Treats cut edge top and reverse sides
  • Excellent elastic and flexibility properties
  • UV resistant and weather extremes
  • Fully moisture tolerant
  • Laminar flake technology
  • No VOC emissions
25 year guarantee icon

Roofcoat Industrial Protective Roof Coating

Roofcoat is a technologically advanced, one coat roof coating system. Its BBA certified and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

  • Can be applied in the wet
  • Highly resistant to UV
  • Heat resistant 100°C – 250°C
  • Tough elastic finish, shock resistant
  • One coat system sprayed from tin
  • Dirt resistant
15 year guarantee icon

Guttercoat Gutter Repair System

Guttercoat is a the leading gutter coating system, completely moisture tolerant and extends the lifespan of a gutters for up to 15 years.

  • Fully moisture tolerant
  • Solvent free formula
  • Cures to an elastomeric coating
  • UV, temperature & weather resistant
  • Unaffected by standing water
  • Laminar flake anti corrosion technology
10 year guarantee icon

Girocote Metal Wall Cladding Repair

Girocote is the industry leading system for metal wall cladding providing a impenetrable defence against UV, moisture and weathering.

  • Quick and easy roll on, spray or paint applied
  • Wide range of RAL and British Standard colours
  • Anticorrosive, high opacity formula
  • Provides a semi-matt finish
10 year guarantee icon

Rooflight Repair for Skylights

Rooflight Clearcoat is applied directly from tin by roller or brush, it delivers a tough finish, protecting commercial rooflights against the elements.

  • Can be applied in the wet
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Primer-less adhesion to cleaned GRP surfaces
  • Fast application directly from the tin

Giromax approved contractors – how it works

In order to become an approved Giromax contractor a programme of training must be undertaken. Our paint technicians learn the preparation and application process of all five systems. They learn about how each product is manufactured and its intended use. Advice on weather conditions is a key part of the programme. Although most Giromax products can be applied in wet conditions there are temperature limitations.

Our technicians are tested on all aspects of each product. Only when they can demonstrate an expected level of competence with each product are they issued with certification. As a company we are given approved contractor status when Giromax are happy that we, as a company, have a sufficient knowledge of their products. D&D Coatings have enjoyed Giromax approved contractor status for over 25 years.

corroded roof sheet edges
Corroded roof sheet edges at the overlaps.
treated roof sheet cut edges
Roof sheet laps treated with Giromax Edgecoat.

Giromax 123 Installation Process

  1. Site survey carried out to determine which products are required.
  2. Safety systems installed, area preparation and washdown.
  3. Coatings applied by brush, rolled or sprayed depending on product and location. Giromax inspection carried out and warranty issued for 10, 15, 20 or 25 years depending on product.
scaffolding wall cladding coating progress
d&d coatings giromax approved contractors vans commercial unit
D&D Coatings vehicles on site.
cladding coated girocote
Cladding coated to Giromax approved standards.

Our Giromax coating systems carry between 10 and 25 year manufacturers warranties

roof coating approved giromax contractors work in progress
Roof coating work in progress near Coventry.
cladding work complete
Cladding coating work complete and finished to Giromax standards.
In all cases our works will be undertaken without disruption in adherence with our SafeContractor code, maintaining the highest standards of health & safety

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D&D Industrial Coatings Ltd are Giromax approved contractors

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