Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment with SEAMSIL

cut edge corrosion roof before after
Mid-sheet corrosion before and after treatment.

Is your metal roof suffering from cut edge corrosion, if so we can help and explain more about this major ongoing problem in the UK!

What is Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion occurs to the sheet laps and sheet ends on a profiled metal roof. Pre-finished manufactured roof sheets are cut to length to suit the building layout. Where the cuts are made is normally where the corrosion is most severe.

The corrosion develops, predominantly on roofs. It happens where the coating de-laminates and peels back from the sheet edge. This is primarily due to weathering. If left untreated, the exposed metal surface will corrode and eventually perforate. This article, on, explores the problem further and looks at the scientific reasons.

On any metal roof, coating peel back is inevitable when left neglected. Subsequent corrosion is usually exempt from any roof sheet manufacturer warranty. Early detection and treatment of coating peel back and cut edge corrosion is vital. If left untreated, replacement of the roof sheets will be the only suitable method of repair.

ongoing cut edge treatment ridge capping
Ongoing cut edge treatment to the ridge capping on a section of a large warehouse roof.

How we Treat Cut Edge Corrosion

mid sheet cut edge masking
Using tape to mask the area to be painted, results in a more professional finish.

The process of repair for peel back and cut edge corrosion is simple. Following an initial site survey, which involves a thorough inspection of the areas to be treated, we attend a pre-start meeting. At this meeting we discuss the scope of works, programming of key dates and health and safety issues relevant to the works. Once the date is set, we are ready to commence.

Unlike many other contractors, we begin by power washing the localised area. This not only removes loose coatings, it also cleans the area prior to application of the Seamsil 100 system. We then hand grind to remove surface corrosion and feather back the factory coating. This creates a tight edge which will be encapsulated with the cut edge system.

For a mid-sheet overlap, firstly, we apply Seamsil Sealant with Seamsil Basecoat, which forms a fillet to the lap joint. This is then over-coated with Seamsil Topcoat, in a colour to match the existing roof sheets. For the gutter edges we apply Seamsil Basecoat followed by Seamsil Topcoat. For a higher standard of finish, using tape, we mask off the outer edges prior to top-coating. This creates a perfectly straight tram-line, giving you a much neater finish.

cut edge corrosion treated roof grey paint

Our Step by Step Treatment Process

  1. Inspection and assessment to identify the extent of coating peel back and corrosion.
  2. Surface preparation including a high pressure wash down of the area to be treated.
  3. Removal of any loose paint and corrosion by hand grinding.
  4. Application of a gun-applied mastic to seal the mid-sheet overlaps.
  5. Re-coat using Seamsil Basecoat and Seamsil Topcoat applied by brush and roller method to the specified thickness.
In all cases our works will be undertaken without disruption.

D&D Industrial Coatings Ltd are an approved contractor of HD Sharmans Seamsil.

Call us today on 01606 554040 to discuss your Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment Requirements

cut edge corrosion steel roof options

The Seamsil 100 System carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty

ridge capping masking tape rooflight sheet lap cut edge treatment
We use tape at all times where masking is required. We believe it produces a much neater, more professional finish when treating ridge cappings, roof-lights, mid-sheet laps and sheet ends.
treated gutter edges corrosion
Treated gutter edges, where cut edge corrosion can be particularly prominent, due to the continuous exposure to, and close proximity of, water and pollutants.
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