Giromax® Edgecoat, the latest advanced coating system used by D&D Coatings

cut edge corrosion giromax edgecoat treated
Cut edge corrosion treated with Giromax® Edgecoat

giromax logoWhen it comes to cut edge corrosion paint, Giromax® Edgecoat is top of league!

Here a D&D Coatings we’ve been working with Giromax for over a quarter of a century. As a business our principles are closely aligned with those of our partners. This is especially true with Giromax. Our mission is to provide high quality, economical painting services for our clients. Giromax provide high quality, cost-effective product solutions for their partners. Giromax Edgecoat is one of those products.

What does Giromax® Edgecoat do?

In a nutshell, it protects the ends and overlaps of corrugated metal roof sheets and stops corrosion. Key benefits include:

  • Fully moisture tolerant
  • UV and extreme weather resistant
  • Treats cut edge top and reverse sides
  • Chemically bonded corrosion control
  • Uses laminar flake technology
  • No VOC emissions
  • Resilient to bird damage
  • Resistant to dirt pick up
  • BBA approved
  • 15 year system guarantee

The problem with roof sheets

Profiled, or corrugated, galvanised iron roof sheets suffer from corrosion, or rust. This primarily happens at the edges. Roof sheets are manufactured using rolls of galvanised steel, pressed and cut to various lengths. Cutting the sheets exposes the metal. Many manufacturers dip or cap the sheet ends to protect them. However this protection doesn’t last for ever. Its also lost completely when roof sheets are cut on site during installation. With movement, capillary action, exposure to UV and adverse weather conditions, corrosion sets in.

severe cut edge corrosion overlaps fixings tw
Corrosion where the roof sheet overlaps and the untreated cut edge has been exposed to the elements, please note this is an extreme example of corrosion at the cut edge of a roof sheet overlap.

Solution — Giromax® Edgecoat!

giromax-edgecoat-iconGiromax® Edgecoat has been developed specifically to tackle cut edge corrosion. It has evolved through decades of research and development into the premier coating system we all use today. Edgecoat seals and encapsulates the exposed substrate. The system flexes and moves with the roof, all while shielding the metal beneath from the elements. Egdecoat can be applied by roller, brush or spray.

Here at D&D Coatings we are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to get the best out of this market leading paint system. When installed by Giromax® approved contractors such as ourselves it carries a 15 year guarantee.

Not only designed for used on roof sheets, Edgecoat is used to protect wall cladding and gutters. In fact any part of the building envelope that consists of edged steel will benefit from Giromax® Edgecoat protection. This system is so versatile its revolutionary formula is BBA certified.

What is BBA certification?

BBA LogoBBA stands for British Board of Agrément. It is a highly regarded construction industry certification. BBA indicates high quality, experience and reliability. It refers to a company or product. BBA status is used by manufacturers as a symbol of superiority.

Do I need Edgecoat?

You’re going to need Edgecoat, or a similar system, if the envelope of your building has corrugated steel roof sheets, steel guttering or metal wall cladding that is more than 20 years old. Even if everything looks fine from a distance, we highly recommend a closer inspection of the sheet ends. Especially where the roof sheets overlap each other and overhang the gutter system. This is where corrosion is most likely to develop first.

Should I hire someone to check my roof?

Yes, absolutely, we highly recommend doing so. If for some reason you are unable to carry out even a basic inspection of your roof, hire a professional. Climbing on to any roof is dangerous. Especially a corrugated steel commercial roof. Not really knowing what you’re looking for is not a good situation either. For a relatively small fee a professional surveyor will happily inspect everything for you. They will write a report and detail what action should be taken, if any. You’ll have peace of mind and you’ll stay safe.

DIY roof inspection, what to look for

You’ve established the age of your building and discovered its constructed with steel. You feel confident enough to carry out an inspection by yourself. Okay, first of all make sure its safe to do so. Don’t go onto a roof in wet or windy conditions. Tether yourself using a fall protection system. You can hire these from most good tool hire companies.

When you get to the roof area pay close attention to where the roof sheets overlap each other, around roof-lights, ridge/hip caps and flashings, the flashing around vents and gutter overhangs. You’re looking at any metal parts that look like they have been cut to fit. If you see an orange or brown residue or staining, the substrate has been exposed and corrosion is in the early stages of development. You can see more serious examples of roof corrosion here. Its now just a matter of time before you’re roof is going to need treatment. Any delamination where paint is cracking, peeling, blistering, spot and pitting corrosion or more serious damage should be treated in a timely manner.

examples metal roof rust
Further examples of rust on steel roofs, left to right, sheet overlap corrosion at the cut edge, ridge cap corrosion and previously treated bolt head suffering from delamination.

Where can I get Edgecoat?

You can only buy Edgecoat from Giromax or from an approved supplier. However please note, if you do this and apply the product yourself you’ll be forfeiting the 15 year guarantee that it comes with. The only way to obtain the guarantee is by having a Giromax approved contractor, such as ourselves, carry out the application for you.

How to apply Edgecoat

Can I apply it myself or do I need a professional company?

Yes you can apply Edgecoat yourself, but again please be aware the 15 year product guarantee will be void. We strongly recommend hiring an approved applicator, your guarantee will be secured, you’ll benefit of trade product pricing and most importantly of all you’ll know the system has been applied correctly.


Good preparation is key. Make sure any loose material is removed. Clean the area to be treated back to the metal substrate using an abrasive brush or power tool. Remove all corrosion to ST3 standards including dust and debris. Use rust scrapers and other abrasion methods if necessary. Make sure the area is clean and dry. To ensure good bonding on the surface to be treated should not be too smooth or polished. The area must be free from dirt, oil, grease, mould, ice and frost.

roof sheet cut edge cleaning
Edgecoat preparation work.

Application process

Pour the activator (part B) into the base (part A) and mix thoroughly. Do not add a thinner. Edgecoat can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Giromax recommend spray application over roller for best results. However if you’re not a professional painter we’re guessing you don’t own an industrial paint spray system, so we’ll discount this method.

Step 1

On sheet overlaps, flashing and rooflights, fill the gaps with gun applied Giromax sealant. Work the sealant in an upward direction into the gaps between the panel sheets with one coat of brush applied Edgecoat. Allow to dry before applying Giromoax® Basecoat, part of the Edgecoat system. Brush application is best here to a width of 50mm in a continuous straight line. Allow the basecoat to dry before applying the next coat. For gutter overhangs apply Basecoat to the sheet underside to a width of 50mm to achieve full encapsulation.

composite coating brushing application
Basecoat brush application.

Step 2

Apply Edgecoat to a minimum width of 75mm within 7 days of Basecoat application. Overlap the Basecoat by at least 10mm. Work from the furthest point of the roof access, this will minimise disturbance of the new seal. Surfaces must be ice and frost free, above +4°C and no hotter than +35°C. Brush or roller apply and keep to a straight continuous line to create a uniform band of protection. Anything less will look unprofessional, messy, upset the aesthetic appeal of your premises and harm your brand image.

cut edge corrosion treatment complete straight lines
Cut edge corrosion treatment to this roof is now complete, leak-proof with straight lines and an extended lifespan.

Technical information

The Edgecoat system

Giromax® Sealant, Basecoat and Topcoat combined form the Edgecoat system. It can be applied in damp and even wet conditions, so rain won’t stop work.

Giromax® Sealant

This is a one-part, moisture tolerant sealant. Its supplied in 310 ml tubes. Use it to seal panel to panel & rooflight top lap joints.

  • Colour – Goose-wing Grey
  • Tooling Time – 30 minutes
  • Full Cure – 7-14 days
  • Application Temp – +4°C to +35°C
  • Curing System – 1 Part – Moisture

Giromax® Basecoat

Basecoat is a moisture tolerant epoxy coating supplied in two-parts. This means it has to be mixed.  It comes in 1 ltr kits of Part A (Base) and Part B (Activator). Its designed to be wholly mixed before use and not in smaller custom amounts. This is used to treat substrate corrosion on the cut edges and encapsulate panel fixings.

  • Colour – Grey
  • Drying Time – 8 hours
  • Pot Life – 8 hours
  • Application Temp – +4°C to +35°C
  • Curing System – 2 Part – Catalyst

Giromax® Edgecoat

Edgecoat is a single-part liquid-applied hybrid coating. This is the weathering coat for the corrosion treated cut edge. It can withstand UV, weather and temperature extremes for up to 15 years and longer. Edgecoat is supplied in 2.5 ltr tins. Its primary use is on galvanized steel roofing sheets to provide cut edge protection against corrosion.

  • Colour – RAL Range
  • Drying Time – 7 days
  • Tack free – 2 to 4 hours
  • Application Temp – +4°C to +35°C
  • Curing System – 1 Part – Moisture

Safety information

Edgecoat is non-toxic when used in well ventilated areas and standard painting precautions are taken. Use impervious gloves and eye protection when handling Edgecoat. Avoid contact with skin. Respiratory protection is not required however it may be used when excessive airborne contamination occurs.

If inhaled thoroughly rinse nose and mouth with water and seek medical attention if irritation occurs.  If ingested do not induce vomiting, rinse mouth thoroughly with water and seek medical advice if concerned. On contact with eyes remove contact lenses (if any), open eyelids wide apart and rinse immediately with plenty of water, continuously for 15 minutes.

For spillages absorb in vermiculite, dry sand or earth and place into containers. Flush contaminated area with plenty of water but do not allow runoff to enter drains, sewers or watercourses.


There many other similar systems available on the market to help in the fight against corrosion. However Giromax® have been at the forefront of developing corrosion treatment technology for decades. Their products are reliable and working with them is always a pleasure. The support they offer is outstanding and for these reasons we recommend Giromax® Edgecoat.

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