Seamsil & Delcote Colour Options

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The Seamsil coating system by HD Sharman boasts an extensive range of colour options.

Not all roof coating colours are the same

It might be surprising to some but there are actually more colours available for roof coatings than just grey. Seamsil by HD Sharman boasts a wide range of colours to choose from. We use this system on many of our projects and we highly recommend it. The coating system colour chart compliments branding and design specifications while its performance is outstanding.

Seamsil & Delcote colour options chart

RAL 9003
RAL 9002
Albatross Grey
RAL 240 80 05
RAL 7035
Goosewing Grey
RAL 7038
Silver Metallic
RAL 9006
Signal Grey
RAL 7004
Albany Grey
RAL 7042
Pure Grey
RAL 000 55 00
Merlin Grey
RAL180 40 05
Basalt Grey
RAL 7012
Slate Grey
RAL 7015
Graphite Grey
RAL 7024
RAL 7016
RAL 100 80 20
RAL 080 70 10
RAL 100 60 20
RAL 080 50 20
Heritage Green
RAL 6002
Olive Green
RAL 100 30 20
Juniper Green
RAL 140 20 20
Van Dyke Brown
RAL 8014
RAL 075 60 70
RAL 040 40 40
RAL 3000
Ice Blue
RAL 230 80 10
Wedgewood Blue
RAL 220 50 15
Solent Blue
RAL 240 40 40
Turquoise Blue
RAL 5018
Ocean Blue
RAL 220 30 25
RAL 5003
RAL 9005

Digital displays interpret colour in slightly different ways. The colour chart above is therefore an approximate colour reference only. The manufactured colour may not appear as depicted above. Please contact us to discuss your Seamsil & Delcote colour options specification requirements.

What is Seamsil?

Seamsil is one of the market leading repair solutions for corrosion of roofs, roof fixings and metal cladding. Its a silicone-based remedial treatment dedicated to treating and preventing rust and chemical corrosion. Seamsil protects against industrial pollution. Its particularly effective in marine and coastal environments. This advanced professional system is only available for installation by approved contractors such as ourselves. All coating work is inspected and certified to exacting quality standards by HD Sharman Ltd.

Features and key benefits

  • 15 year Guarantee.
  • Weather and ultraviolet (UV) resistant.
  • Proven corrosion resistance.
  • Encapsulates the damaged area to restrict further deterioration.
  • Water repellent seal.
  • Primer-less adhesion.
  • Remains tough and flexible.
  • Designed to withstand normal surface movement, ensuring continued optimum performance even in aggressive environments.
  • Long life protection in elasticity and encapsulation.
  • Silicone systems do not degrade by chalking.

Seamsil base coat specification

  • Colour: Grey
  • Chemical base: Silicone coating in a spirit carrier.
  • Specific gravity: 1.22.
  • Shore A Hardness: 20 (approximately).
  • Dry film thickness: Complete system – 350 microns (minimum).
  • Time to full cure: 10–14 days.
  • Solids content: By volume – 80%.
  • Movement accommodation: ±50%.
  • Elongation at break: 750%.
  • Tensile strength: 1.6 N/mm².
  • Application temperature: 3–60°C.
  • Dew point: Surface to be 2°C above the dew point.
  • WarrantyDescription: One year

Environmental information

  • Contains Red List materials: No
  • Country of material origin: Europe
  • Country of product manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer: HD Sharmans
  • Embodied carbon: 2.4 kg·CO₂e/kg
  • Recyclability: 100%

What is Delcote?

Delcote is an advanced full roof coating system. Its a remedial system designed to enhance and protect steel roof sheets. There are two Delcote full overpaint options; Delcote 10 and Delcote 25.

What is the difference between Delcote 10 and Delcote 25?

Delcote 10 is a single coat system providing a 10 year guarantee. Its more suitable for short tenancy agreements and has a reduced application time. Delcote 25 is two coat system providing a 25 year guarantee. Its preferred by owners who require a long term solution to steel roof protection.

Combined with Seamsil, Delcote provides market leading reliability and faster application times. Delcote is an inorganic coating with excellent resistance to UV, rain, snow and temperature extremes. Delcote offers high movement accommodation, flexibility and adhesion without cracking, peeling or chalking.

Features and benefits

  • Proven long term protection against corrosion on metal roofs.
  • Delcote is a 100% silicone based remedial treatment and is suitable for use in areas of industrial pollution and/ or coastal and marine environments.
  • Primer-less adhesion to most common substrates.
  • Fast cure rate, 15–30-minute skin over time followed by 1–2 hour tack free time.
  • High static viscosity ensures material stays where it is sprayed. It will not flow off high spots or vertical areas and therefore allows for easy build-up of required dry film thickness.
  • Long service life with high resistance to UV attack.
  • Provides breathable membrane for protection of asbestos and concrete surfaces.
  • Does not degrade by chalking.
  • Any subsequent soiling of the product can be easily removed by a simple detergent wash.
  • No additional structural weight is applied.
  • No risk of further penetrations.
  • Delcote needs no vapour control. It is a fully breathable membrane which can further seal the roof from air leakage, helping to retain heat.
  • No disruption for building users.
  • Ease of application – roller, brush or airless spray.
  • High solids helps prevent Sag.

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