New Fall Protection System for Safer Rooftops

sfs new soter II fall protection system

SFS’s New Soter™ II Fall Protection System has been redeveloped making it a market leader in safety!

SFS are the industry leaders when it comes to horizontal lifeline systems. Their latest version, the Soter™ II FPS enables rooftop workers to operate at height without restrictions to their movement more safely. The system uses shock-absorbing technology to spread and dampen shock loads during a multi-user or single-user fall. This protects both users and the roof structure from injury and damage.

The easy to install fitted systems are suitable for all conventional steel roof structures. A key component in the system is the unique energy absorber. This deploys an energy-absorbing coil that limits the forces produced be a fall. Even thinner roofs are protected from the shock of a fall due to the peak load back system.

Many fall arrest systems on the market are designed to protect users as the priority, but there is lesser consideration for the roof and the damage that can be done if there’s a fall. What we have developed is a system which not only protects the user but is also able to reduce the impact of damage to the roof. This then decreases the chance of having to repair or re-install the roof skin. – said James Gooder, Business Manager at SFS Fall Protection.

Up to four workers are able to move freely whilst connected to the line. Disconnection from the system isn’t necessary so there is no compromise to workers safety. Soter II is designed around a CE-marked Slyder device that passes freely around brackets and corner fixings. There are also no costly entry and exit points in the system so workers can enter and exit at any point.

The Soter II is manufactured as two separate parts, a modular post and universal base plate. If the post is deployed accidentally only the post needs to be replaced providing the base plate remains intact. The base plate will cover most standard applications and has been tested with trapezoidal, composite, standing-seam and bituminous & single ply roof systems.

As major roofing manufacturers develop profiles of lighter weight and insulation of greater thickness, the Soter II Horizontal Lifeline system has been designed to complement these advances without compromising structural integrity or user safety. Using fully stainless-steel components ensures longevity and protection from corrosion. All seals are made from EPDM or NBR which ensures chemical and corrosion resistance, and lifetime waterproofing. We can also offer extended warranty to provide total peace of mind to specifiers, installers and users.  – said Gooder.

Soter II’s installation time can be reduced even more by using SFS’s sleeve fastener fixings instead of traditional toggle fixings. This provides a thermally broken fastening system that installers can quickly and easily secure the base plate on the roof system.


  • Independently certified
  • Full-traversable continuous fall protection system
  • Multi-purpose, multi-user
  • Versatile applications
  • Post yield force 4kN
  • Market-led development


  • Unique Patented Energy Absorber
  • Fully high grade austenitic stainless steel components ensures longevity and protection from corrosion.
  • Extended warranty to provide total piece of mind to specifiers, installers and users.
  • Full technical assistance from the Building Envelope Specialists
  • UK manufacture and production facilit
  • Innovative fastening solutions
  • Aesthetic design
  • Fool-proof installation


  • Standing seam
  • Built-up flat roofs
  • Composite roofs
  • Bespoke applications


  • Thermally broken sleeve and fastener BS-S and TI-S
  • Structural BULB-TITE™ Rivets
  • Stainless steel gravity toggle
  • Concrete screws
  • Chemical resin fix

Visit the SFS website for more about Soter II here.

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