Steel Roof Rescued from Certain Failure

We treated a steel roof for cut edge corrosion recently which had already started leaking and was sure to fail in the very near future!

severe cut edge corrosion overlaps fixings
Severe cut edge corrosion on the sheet overlaps and corroded fixings.

Located in North Manchester, the 3rd wettest city in the UK, this roof has been subjected to challenging conditions since it was constructed. Situated at the foot of the moors and subjected to high winds also makes this area a harsh environment for a steel roof. Rain and wind combined with extreme variations in temperature throughout the year had accelerated its decline.

steel roof sheet substrate corrosion sheet end
The steel substrate is clearly under attached and its only a matter of time before the corrosion spreads.

The owners of the building had contacted us some time ago with a view to refurbishing the roof. Following a discussion about project lead times and costs they decided to postpone the project for 18 months. However just 9 months later following torrential rainfall, to their horror, the roof started to leak in several different sections.

steel roof skylight corrosion
Corrosion was even spreading beneath the skylight sheet overlaps on the underlying steel roof sheets.

Hoping this was a one off event they decided to have a look at the rooftop and investigate the leaks. What they discovered was beyond belief. The roof structure was riddled with rust. Almost all areas were affected. The sheet ends were corroded from the gutters, to the skylights and the up to the ridge at the top. Drastic action was required!

masking` tape coating roof sheet cut edges
Work underway, ares to be treated are masked off to ensure a neat straight finish.

From below and inside the warehouse the roof seemed ok. Yes it was slightly discoloured in places along the roof sheet ends, purlins and fixings, but it appeared to be no worse than any of the neighboring buildings. They simply didn’t realise the extent and severity of the corrosion.

skylight sheet edge protected
Sheet ends treated and protected at the skylight overlaps.

The owners contacted us immediately and explained the situation. We arranged a roof inspection that same week to assess the extent of the problem. We were equally shocked at what we discovered during our roof inspection. We realised this was an emergency that needed urgent attention. Winter was on the way and the weather was only going to get worse.

gutter lining sheet end capping
Gutter lining treatment and sheet ends protected.

Our teams are normally booked on projects for up to 6 months in advance. Luckily for this client we had a project, which we were due start in 3 weeks, put back by a month. This allowed us to divert that team to this job at short notice, something we’re not often able to do.

cut edge corrosion treatment complete straight lines
Cut edge corrosion treatment to this roof is now complete, leak-proof with straight lines and an extended lifespan.

Fast forward 1 month, the project was completed, without any issues, ahead of schedule and on budget. We treated the roof with our Seamsil system to full specification, extending the roof’s lifespan by at least another 10 years, probably more.

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