Why Corrugated Steel Roofing is so Popular

Just because steel is susceptible to corrosion doesn’t mean its a bad choice for roofing

corrugated steel roof sheets stacked

We get asked from time to time, if corrugated steel roof sheets need to be treated for corrosion then why are they used in the first place. The simple answer is because they are the best material available right now for industrial large scale roofing.

Many commercial construction businesses choose corrugated roofing because its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Traditional roofing materials such as asphalt or roof tiles are simply not suitable for most commercial premises. Corrugated steel roofing is the perfect choice for businesses who want to move water and moisture off a roof quickly and maintain control over internal temperatures.

Pressed corrugated steel sheets are sheets of steel formed by cold rolling or cold pressing into the shapes you see on this page. These steel sheets are manufactured using a variety of substrates including galvanized steel, stainless-steel, anti-corrosive steel and aluminium. All of which can be coated in any colour.

Corrugated profiled steel roof sheets are stylish in appearance and quick and easy to install. They are super strong performing well under load from weather and other stresses. Being so lightweight makes them easy to handle.

Corrugated steel is one of the best and most versatile building materials available. Its cheap, light, robust and easy to cut to shape during construction. Its used in floors, guardrails, cladding and roofing. Shopping centres, warehouses, factories, distribution centres, offices, hospitals, train stations, sports stadiums and airport terminals, to name just a few all use corrugated steel for roofing.

Profiled steel sheets are mainly either a T type, wave type, rib type or V type. Other types are also available but these are the most common in the UK.

corrugated steel roof sheets stacked

Advantages of corrugated steel roofing:

  • Corrugated steel roofing sheets are extremely durable and can last up to a hundred years when maintained properly.
  • Steel roofing sheets don’t suffer from rot or insect infestations such as termites, woodworm or similar.
  • Corrugated metal roofing systems are best installed on a slope in order to achieve adequate rain water and moisture run-off.
  • The sheets are chemically treated during the manufacturing process to prevent algae and corrosion.
  • Metal roofs are better able to resist adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms, hail and high winds due to their strength.
  • Corrugated metal sheets withstand fires and extreme heat better than timber and asphalt.
  • Telecommunications, WiFi and mobile phone signals work better in buildings constructed using steel because its more lightweight than most other building materials.

corrugated steel roof sheet

Advantages & Best Features:

Long Lasting

A corrugated roof that is made from steel or aluminium will last for many years, in most cases at least a hundred. Minimal maintenance every few years, such as re-coating and cut-edge treatment, is all it should require.

Environmentally Sustainable

Steel roof sheets can be recycled into anything, and quite often are. This is inline with our climate emergency policies.

Strong & Lightweight

Corrugated roofs are lightweight, flexible, durable and incredibly robust. They are easy to handle, install and maintain when compared with other building options and don’t put undue weight strain on a building’s structure. Steel roof sheets weigh in between 5kg and 15kg per square meter.


The range of colours are endless and if you don’t like the colour you can easily change it by hiring a painting contractor.

Disadvantages of Corrugated Steel Roof Sheets

The biggest disadvantage is the corrosion problem. This is only a factor with poor maintenance. Regular annual or even biannual roof inspections will ensure you spot any signs of weathering and corrosion before it becomes a problem. Even with the innovative ways manufacturers combat corrosion, without some maintenance from time to time a corrugated roof with suffer from weathering just like any other.

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