How Important are Regular Commercial Roof Inspections?

how important are-regular commercial roof Inspections?

In short, regular roof inspections are important because they will save you money!

We see poorly maintained commercial roofs all the time. From cut edge corrosion and rusted fixings to leaking gutters and skylights, a roof in bad condition is destined to fail. Many insurance companies will refuse to fund repairs where basic neglect and lack of maintenance is evident.

With regular roof inspections you can quickly spot and fix minor corrosion damage yourself. This will save you money in the short term. Catching a blocked gutter early can prevent a multitude of problems. Treating the odd corroded roof fixing or sheet end can put off a major maintenance project for at least another year. However if you are in anyway unsure about what you are doing, consultant a specialist. You could end up exacerbating the problem and causing even more costly damage.

leaking skylights and flaking roof coating

How often should I inspect my steel roof?

We recommend annual roof inspections by a competent person who understands the basic function of each roof element. If the roof structure is exposed to extreme weather then it should be inspected twice a year at the very least. Ideally the roof inspection should be carried out just before winter in autumn and just after in early spring. This will give you time to prepare the roof for winter. After winter it will enable you to repair any damage and prepare the roof for the summer heat. A proactive approach to preventive maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the roof system.

leaking steel roof sheet with hole

What problems should I look out for on a steel roof?

You should understand where and when water pooling is normal, how sheet ends and roof fixings should look and when a skylight needs to be cleaned or replaced. Look for gaps between roof sheets and flashings. Check roof vents and gutters for blockage. Gutters also need to be checked for cracks, excessive corrosion and water should flow freely through down-spouts. Understanding what amount of oxidisation is acceptable can be difficult. If in doubt I suggest contacting a specialist such as ourselves.

steel hip roof ridge sheet ends gutter

Should I get a professional commercial roof inspection?

A commercial roof survey will be carried out by a specialist surveyor or contractor such as ourselves. A commercial roof specialist will quickly identify common issues. Some problems can easily by overlooked by a person not familiar with how a commercial roof system works. When and where cracks are acceptable, how much rust is okay and when to clean a gutter, are some of the things a specialist will be properly trained to judge.

dirty commercial roof system needs maintenance to clear debris

You probably just don’t have the time, the will or the expertise to carry out your own roof inspection. If that’s you then we recommend contacted a professional surveyor such as ourselves. If you have any questions and would like to speak to someone about booking a commercial roof inspection please telephone us on 01606 554040 or visit our contact page.

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