Solvent Free Epoxy Resin Based Floor Coating

solvent free-epoxy resin based floor coating

Solvent free epoxy indoor coating for concrete and steel

The solvent free Reecote EC017 A/S is one of our floor coatings of choice. Its based on a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents and mineral fillers. When mixed together this solvent free floor coating system provides extremely low odour with a high build. It’s designed for use in areas where a build up of static may cause a problem for equipment or people. Environments are where sensitive electronic machinery and systems are in use.

Data-centres, aerospace facilities, telecoms manufacturing and fuel processing plants where highly flammable materials are handled are some examples. The build up of static can also be problematic for people. Operating theatres are another example of where static build-up could be dangerous.

Reecote EC017 A/S is super hard wearing hygienic. The antistatic floor properties of Reecote EC017 A/S enables use in areas where static can cause problems to staff and equipment. The hard-wearing characteristics of Reecote EC017 A/S also enables use in light/heavy industrial areas, such as garage service bays and factory gangways. Easycoat is our high build, easy to apply epoxy floor paint. It is a two pack, solvent free, hard wearing and is available in a range of attractive colours.


  • Extremely low odour
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Antistatic epoxy floor coating
  • Super hygienic and easy clean finish
  • Wide colour range, including yellow, leaf green, carnival red and many more…
  • Easily made anti slip using Virtus anti slip aggregate
  • Anti-bacterial growth, kills germs, easy to clean
  • Can be made decorative with the addition of Virtus PVA Flakes scattered into the wet resin, once dry, sand down any protruding or Flake edges and seal with Reecote ECO17 antistatic Clear.

Pot life

30 Minutes (at 20ºC)

Waiting time between coats: Min 12hrs and Max 24hrs (at 20ºC)


One coat of Reeprime CPS900 primer followed by two coats of Reecote EC017 AS. Reecote EC017 A/S should be applied to Reeprime CPS900 (see separate data sheet). Apply the mixed material to the suitably prepared floor by brush or roller. Ensure complete coverage of the floor area. Apply the second coat within 24 hours of the first.

Curing times

  • Foot traffic – 16hrs – 1 day
  • Lightly serviceable – 2 days
  • Fully serviceable – 7 days

Colours available

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