AkzoNobel Leading the Way in Carbon Reduction

akzonobel staff leading the way carbon reduction

Thierry Vanlancker, AkzoNobel CEO, has committed the Dutch global paint giant to a 42% carbon emissions reduction by 2030

AkzoNobel is the very first major paint manufacturer in the world to officially commit to its carbon reduction goals. The progressive paint making pioneer is laying down the gauntlet to its competitors, follow us or get left behind and suffer the consequences of failure.

Keeping in line with the 2015 Paris agreement, AkzoNobel’s target is a 42% reduction in carbon emissions across the entire chain. This includes all of its partners, subsidiaries, clients and suppliers. Its an ambitious target but its necessary if we are going to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperature levels.

paris climate agreement world leaders
World leaders at the COP21-CMP11 Paris 2015 Climate Change Conference.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) are currently validating the ambitious project. They shouldn’t need too much convincing though. AkzoNobel has made considerable progress already. Its “People. Planet. Paint.” programme shows how seriously it takes climate change. Constant innovation, environmental footprint minimisation and its zero waste policy are all proof, if needed, that AkzoNobel is a world leader in tackling climate change.

people planet paint

100% renewable electricity in the company’s operations by 2030. Yes, this is a serious commitment indeed. However, collaboration is key. This is AkzoNobel’s strong belief. We will only succeed if we work together for the common good.

Says AkzoNobel CEO, Thierry Vanlancker:

Setting a target like this really matters, It’s a clear signal that we’re preparing to mobilize our teams globally and take stronger action to tackle climate change. We need to act fast and focus on collaboration and innovation. When push comes to shove, there are those who contribute towards a zero carbon future and those who don’t. We’re determined to do all we can and set the example by being the frontrunner in our industry.

EU Green Deal

AkzoNobel firmly believes in cross-industry cooperation to tackle climate change. The EU Green Deal was setup to facilitate and drive such cooperation. A carbon neutral EU by 2050 is achievable, providing everyone plays their part.

Thierry Vanlancker goes on to say:

To achieve our carbon reduction target, we have to look further than our own operations. So we’ll be encouraging all our value chain partners to transition to lower/zero carbon alternatives. I also encourage our peers to commit to the SBTi, announce their own targets and join us in setting the right example in our industry.

Thierry Vanlancker AkzoNobel CEO
Thierry Vanlancker, AkzoNobel CEO

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