New Paint Range to Protect Endangered Species

tikkurila engangered colors paint range

Tikkurila have just launched a new paint range to help protect endangered species. The Finland based global paint maker decided to play its part in response to the challenges faced by wildlife. The Endangered Colors range, consisting of nine colour options will be available in 2021. €1 will be donated for every product sold. Tikkurila hopes to raise awareness of the worldwide threat to ecosystems caused by humans.

Nine colours for nine endangered animals

The colours in the range each reflect the colours of nine different animals. They include;

  1. Giant Panda Black
  2. Siberian Tiger Orange
  3. Snowy Owl White
  4. Saimaa Ringed Seal Grey
  5. Steppe Eagle Brown
  6. Gibbon Grey
  7. Sumatran Orangutan Orange
  8. Siamese Fighting Fish Blue
  9. Red Panda Red

Says Meri Vainikka, Senior Vice President;

We came up with the idea of the collection when we were thinking about new, concrete ways to help protect the colors of the world around us. We talk about colors in our campaign, but the disappearance of colors is, of course, the result of the extinction of animal species. This is a big and topical issue that affects everyone’s future.

The Endangered Colors collection will debut in 2020 globally, with the first phase to launch in Russia, China and the Baltics. Launching in Russia, China and the Baltics first and globally after that. The range will be available for a limited time period only. We hope Tikkurila make this a permanent range.

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