Full Redecoration & Steel Cladding Coating at Warrington Industrial Unit

warrington industrial unit coating before during after
Before, during and after cladding coating works completed at this Warrington industrial unit including new roller shutters installation and exterior ground clearance.

We were invited to carry out a full refurbishment of this Industrial Unit in Warrington recently. The Unit had become vacant during the COVID-19 pandemic and had been left in a sorry state. Besides the failing paintwork there were fixtures that needed to be replaced along with general waste and overgrowth that needed to be cleared externally.

dilipidated industrial unit in risley warrington painted red
Dilapidated red and grey 1970s industrial unit in Risley, Warrington, previously occupied by a catering company.

The site had previously been occupied by a catering company that had gone out of business in 2020. They had specialised in distributing ready to eat meals to businesses in Birchwood and Warrington. With the lockdown in place and most business’s staff working from home, demand for their services sadly all but disappeared overnight.

corrugated steel porches red cladding grey roller shutters steel painted bollards
The old signage needed to be removed along with the retro style canopies, supports and railings.

Our Objective

Following a site survey and tender submission we were contracted to clear the site of all waste and overgrowth to begin with. Cladding repair work was also carried out. This was needed following the removal of extractors, air conditioning units, old roller shutters and doors. New roller shutters and doors were specified. Goosewing Grey and Merlin Grey was specified for the cladding and fixtures respectively.

1970s red industrial unit risley
We hired skips to remove the considerable amount of waste from the site before and during the project.

Project Summary

A team of four technicians worked on the site throughout the project. We started by removing all the rubbish that had been left behind. Weeds had been allowed to thrive so we had to clear them from the land adjacent to the unit. We hire skips to take all the waste off site. High powered jet-washers were used to clean mould and lose paint from the cladding and fixtures. Engineers then removed the old roller shutters and doors.

D&D Coatings vans finishing off painting work warrington industrial unit
Our team of technicians finishing off work at Risley in Warrington.

New roller shutters were installed ready for coating. Once all components were prepared for coating we began spray applying two coats of Goosewing Grey paint to the cladding and roof sheets. Next we concentrated on the cladding edge trims, bollards, door frames, roller shutters and doors. Theses were coated in Merlin Grey, brush applied, two coats in total.

painted cladding
New roller shutter doors install and coated in Merlin Grey along with fixtures and bollards to contrast the Goosewing Grey lighter grey painted wall cladding and roof sheets.

redecorated 1970s industrial unit risley albatross grey
Rear loading bay roller shutters replaced and coated in Merlin Grey, a nice contrast to the lighter Goosewing Grey painted cladding.

We are approved contractors

As approved cladding coating contractors for the system we used, a 10 year manufacturers warranty was provided. Choosing the right coating is as crucial as choosing the right contractor to apply it. Manufacturers are not obliged to honour their guarantees if their system has not been correctly applied using their specified processes.

corrugated steel cladding gable painted grey
Gable end cladding repaired and coated in Goosewing Grey.

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