What is Plygene Gutterline?

what is plygene gutterline
This is Plygene Gutterline which we recently installed at one of our projects in Cumbria.

We have been using Plygene Gutterline for some time now here at D&D Coatings and we feel its the best all round solution for our needs

Plygene Gutterline, unlike similar roof maintenance and repair products, is a gutter lining system manufactured by Sharmans in Derbyshire, UK. It is specifically designed to repair and extend the lifespan of the gutter system with a 25 year guaranteed.

In our experience we believe Plygene Gutterline is the best alternative to a gutter replacement. We install it, whatever the complexity of the project, with minimal disruption to the daily operations of a building. An what’s more, it’s the only BBA certified gutter lining system approved for the harsh rigours of the gutter environment.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Weathertight Unique System
  • Outstanding Resistance to Rainwater
  • 25 Year Guaranty
  • UV Resistant
  • Versatile and Flexible

Take a moment to watch the manufacturers promotional video  below

Plygene gutter lining system is unique

The Plygene gutter lining system is manufactured using a robust thermoplastic blend specifically engineered for use in harsh environments. We have found its very resistant to damage during installation and of course most importantly its 100% weathertight when professionally installed. The system is UV resistant for the lifespan of the building and contracts or expands to suit all conditions without malfunction.

plygene gutterline installation process
Plygene Gutterline installation process.

Outstanding Resistance to Rainwater

When installed Plygene Gutterline retains the original rainwater flow direction and rate of the host building. It’s seamless which eliminates the need for joints. These joints would usually be susceptible to corrosion and failure. Not having such week points improves the performance of Plygene Gutterline and extends its lifespan.

Totally Versatile & Flexible

There is nothing else quite like Plygene Gutterline on the market today. Its completely flexible which means it easily fits the any gutter profile, regardless of its substrate material. Its moulded drainage outlets and network components ensure it provides full flexibility in all gutter configurations.

Non-bonded for Expansion & Movement

Plygene Gutterline is non-bonded in design. It will expand and contract around the host gutter substrate. This basically means the gutter itself moves which maintains the integrity of the gutter lining. It won’t crack like liquid coatings or open up around joints like many bonded systems.

We recently used Plygene Gutterline at one of our projects in Whitehaven if you would like to see it installed.

We provide a comprehensive gutter lining service here at D&D Coatings which includes the installation of the Plygene Gutterline system. To find out more visit our Metal Gutter Lining Services page or contact us on 01606 554040, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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