Full Re-Coating, Gutter Lining, Repair Work & much more at Whitehaven in Cumbria

front elevation two tone cladding painting
Cladding repair and full coating complete at St Christopher House in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

St Christopher House at Whitehaven in Cumbria is just one of the many projects we undertook in 2017

We recently completed this mid-size 12 week contract on schedule. A team of up to twelve technicians at any one time were deployed to the West Cumbrian town. They worked under the guidance and close supervision of our contracts manager, Andy Titherington.

scaffolding towers installed whitehaven
Scaffolding towers installed and ready for use, the rear elevation prior to redecoration.

scaffolding tagged safety regulations
Scaffolding tagged and ready to use, complying with health and safety regulations.

Our primary tasks on this project were repairs and full re-coating of the roof sections. In addition the same tasks were executed on the external wall claddings along with frame re-coating all windows, gutter lining and much more. General light repair work and replacement security floodlighting was also carried out. A total of eight painting technicians and four roofing technicians were stationed on-site, overseen by our contracts manager.

cherry pickers power washing external cladding
Rear elevation preparation work using cherry pickers to carry out power washing of the external cladding.

Project Tasks Overview

  • Full Roof & Cladding Re-coating
  • Cladding Repairs to Roof & Walls
  • Frame Re-coating all Windows
  • Complete Gutter Lining throughout
  • Light General Repair Work
  • Replacement Security Floodlighting Installed

corroded window frames needing repair
Following scaffolding installation window frames were discovered to be in poor condition and we agreed to include them in the treatment process.

scaffolding towers roof edge protection no safety boards required
Scaffolding towers purely for edge protection purposes and not working platforms hence the absence of “safety” boards which are not legally required in this instance.

We presented our proposal and won the contract at Whitehaven in the spring of 2017. The principal objective of this contract was to carry out a comprehensive external restoration of the paintwork on the two storey office block. Due to its close proximity to the shoreline of the Irish Sea the structure had not fared well against the salty elements. Being fully exposed to driving wind and rain over the years had left major components of the building suffering badly from corrosion.

recoated-cladding blue feature band tikkurala temadur 20 and 50
Re-coated clad work with blue feature band creating contrast for decorative purposes using Tikkurala Temadur 20 first coat and top coat finished in Temadur 50.

prepared spot primed ready re coating
Cladding prepared and spot primed ready for re-coating.

Work commenced with the installation of scaffolding on two sides of the building by one of our sub-contractors, Pro Scaffold. At this stage all elevations where assessed by MEWPS and scaffolding was tagged and ready to use in full compliance of health and safety regulations. Scaffolding towers were also erected to provide access and edge protection of the roof sections. They were not used as working platforms, therefore safety boards were not necessary.

dual tone cladding coating
Duotone cladding coating.

window frames taped ready re coating tikkurala temadur 20
Window frames taped up and ready for re-coating with two coats of Tikkurala Temadur 20.

We were now in a position to ascertain precisely what was required and quickly discovered the window frames also needed attention. The frames were not originally included in the proposal, however following inspection our client agreed with our assessment. We used cherry pickers to access the side elevations and carry out power-washing in preparation for coating work.

Light repairs were now carried out to the roof areas and side elevations. This included fixing and replacing roof and wall cladding panels and some components along with sections of the gutter system.

Roof Works

The roof works consisted of the removal of an old redundant safety line. The roof sheet panels the line had been attached to where then overlaid with sheet slivers of the same profile. We then relined the entire guttering scheme of the building with a Plygene Gutterline System, which is BBA accredited and has a 25 year guarantee.

On completion of the repair and gutter lining work we then focussed our attention on to carrying out cut edge corrosion treatment on the roof sheet cut edges. We used the Giromax Seamsil system for this which carries a 10 year guarantee.

overlay samples determine correct profile roof repairs
Overlay samples in place to determine the correct profile for roof repairs, this image also shows why cut edge treatment was required, this later carried out followed by gutter lining with Plygene gutter lining system.

External Cladding Work

To begin with all external wall cladding was power washed to eliminate salt contamination. This prepared the cladding panels for repair work to be carried and exposed the extent of what was required.

roof trims prior replacement re-coating
Trims prior to replacement and re-coating.

spot primed ready for coating
Spot primed ready for coating.

first coat on cladding.
First coat on cladding.

Once the wall cladding panels had been repaired they were now ready for full roof coating. A three coat Tikkurila coating system had been specified, which carries a 10 year guarantee. This process began with spot priming using Temaprime EE followed by one full coat of Temadur 20.  A final coat of Temadur 50 was then fully applied, completing the cladding coating process.

Seamsil applied to roof cut edges.
Giromax Seamsil applied to roof cut edges.

following plygene installation cut edge corrosion treatment
Following Plygene installation and cut-edge corrosion treatment.

gutter boxing following treatment
Gutter boxing following treatment.

External Windows

With cladding coating finished we now turned our attention to the window frames. As mentioned, these were not originally specified for treatment in the client tender. The windows where first taped up and prepared for coating. We used the same Tikkurila system that we had applied to the cladding.

Other Tasks

In addition to all the coating work carried out we replaced 16 external security floodlights. These were Ansell 400 watt floodlights and were installed around the entire exterior of building.

ansell 400 watt flood lights installed
Ansell 400 watt flood lights installed around the exterior of building, 16 x units in total.

It makes economic sense to carry out tasks like these, when equipment such as the cherry pickers and scaffolding is already on site. Doing this later would incur the costs of hiring everything all over again.

cladding coating whitehaven
Front elevation completed.

If you would like to talk to a member of staff about this project or similar requirements you might have please go ahead and call us on 01606 554040 or visit our contact page, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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