New Vehicle Format, Introducing the 6 Seater Renault Trafic Crew dCi 120 Sport

six seater renault trafic crew d&d coatings
Our brand new addition to the fleet is a six-seater Renault Trafic Crew.

Our latest addition to the D&D Coatings fleet of vans is a result of a recent study into ways of becoming more efficient

We currently run a fleet of two and three seater vans to transport our teams of painting technicians and their equipment. The vast majority of our contracts require teams of at least six staff and more. This means we need to assign at least two vehicles to every project. Our work takes us the length and breadth of the United Kingdom so the fuel savings and carbon footprint reductions are substantial.

As most of our materials are delivered to site by our suppliers we usually don’t need huge cargo capacity with our vehicles. The obvious solution was a six seater multi-purpose vehicle. After reviewing the vehicles currently available, that satisfied our criteria, we decided the Renault Trafic Crew ticked all the boxes.

The van is the long wheel base version which means the cargo area is surprisingly spacious. The cabin is luxurious both front and rear and features climate control and surround sound. Let it never be said that we don’t take the comfort of our staff seriously.

A Short Video Introduction to the new Vehicle

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