Metal Gutter Lining Services

Our reinforced liquid membrane options provide a quick, easy and cost-effective lining solution for restoring corroded metal gutters

gutter lining before and after
Gutter lining, before and after.

D&D Industrial Coatings offer various cost-effective options for re-lining metal gutters. Problems begin when dirt and debris build up in a gutter over a period of time. This is often accompanied by standing water. The effects of this will be to corrode the metal gutter’s surface which will in turn lead to pitting and water ingress.

Of the various methods available to re-line a gutter, the easiest, quickest and most cost- effective method is to use a reinforced liquid membrane, simply coated into the gutters following a cleaning out. There are many products on the market, each giving varying lengths of durability. D&D Industrial Coatings provide two alternative solutions.

We are approved contractors for the Giromax Delcote HPG lining system which is provided with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are also approved applicators of the Acrypol and Aquashield HB gutter lining systems. Although not guaranteed, these systems can offer up to a 10-year lifespan when applied correctly by us, as specified by the manufacturers.

gutter lining examples steel roof

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