4th Largest Rooftop Solar Array in UK

A 15 acre logistics distribution centre in Telford has become the fourth largest photovoltaic power station in the UK with a total of 13,860 solar panels fitted over 6 months

rooftop solar array lyreco telford
13,860 solar panels fitted to a distribution centre in Telford, UK.

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EvoEnergy has completed the 4th largest rooftop PV power station in the UK and the 2nd largest on a single building. The commercial solar developer has carried out the project for Lyreco at its national distribution centre in Telford. This impressive installation consists of 13,860 solar panels. was fitted on to the roof of the firm’s 15-acre logistics site between October and January to cut its carbon footprint and is one of only five rooftop systems in the UK to exceed a yearly output of 3.22 GWh.

The rooftop solar array is owned and operated by Addison Energy Limited, funded by Guinness Asset Management’s EIS service. The system now works on a 20-year power purchase agreement. The solar installation is expected to save Lyreco over £53,000 every year in electricity costs.

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The site will also become carbon neutral in electricity terms with carbon emissions down by 1,700 tonnes. Lyreco awarded EvoEnergy the contract for this forward thinking solution to help offset the environmental impact of its 55,000 square metre distribution centre and the 275 delivery vehicles it runs.


The roof needed to be restored to the best condition possible before the PV was installed. This required the roof specialist team to replace and encapsulate over 50,000 roof fixings that had been in place since the building was first constructed. Cut edge corrosion repair was also carried out on over 10,000 meters of steel roofing sheets, it was a mammoth task indeed.

Benefits of a Power Purchase Agreement – Free Solar

  • Free solar PV system, fully funded by a third party investor.
  • Guaranteed savings on energy bills.
  • No maintenance costs to yourself
  • Long term budget control allowing you to budget better for the future.
  • Fully transferable contract can be transferred to a new occupant if need be.
  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials enhancing relations with eco-conscious suppliers & customers.

Said James Sutton, project manager on site for EvoEnergy :

The install went smoothly from start to finish thanks to the hard work of our technical team and their counterparts at Lyreco and Guinness.

It takes a huge amount of careful planning and execution to make a job this large run without any hitches. It’s been a team effort to get here; one that’s required all of our electrical, mechanical and civil engineering expertise, but now the PV is helping a global firm like Lyreco cut its costs and reduce its environmental impact.

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