Roof-Fixing Encapsulation Using Seamsil 400

A cost-effective treatment for corroded fixings on metal-clad roofs

roof fixing encapsulation bolt coated
Roof fixing encapsulation, bolt coated with protective cap.

Roof fixings are weak points in any metal-clad roof, with corrosion and water leakage being the two biggest issues. Most fixings will corrode over time through exposure to the elements. This can lead to major issues and disruption to activities within the building.

Financial constraints can sometimes mean a full roof overpaint is not always possible. However, as a solution to this, we can treat the fixings with the Seamsil 400 roof bolt encapsulation system.

This procedure involves localised cleaning and preparation of the bolt area, followed by one or two coats of Seamsil applied to each fixing. The coating can be matched to the existing roof colour to blend in with the roof sheets.

fixing encapsulation steel roofs

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