Cut Edge Corrosion & Gutter Joint Treatment in Enfield

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Marks & Spencer Simply Food in Enfield Retail Park in North London was one of the projects we recently completed

We carried out cut edge corrosion treatment across the entire roof. We were also tasked with gutter treatment work for the building. The roof area of the building has unfortunately suffered from corrosion and decay over the last few years. Areas of concern were primarily around the joints in the gutters and roof fixings. It was these sections of the roof structure that we focused our attention with this particular project as requested by our client.

gutter joint treatment before after enfield
Gutter Joint Treatment – Before & After

Project Overview of the work carried out

  • Treated Cut Edge Corrosion on metal roofing sheets with Seamsil 100
  • Sealed and Encapsulated Roof Fixing Hook Bolts & Washers with Seamsil 400
  • Treated Gutter Joint areas with Seamsil 300

A small team of expert staff from our Cheshire HQ were sent to North London for the duration of the project. Weather conditions were favorable during September 2014 so we managed to complete the work in just under 21 days. The South and East of England usually enjoys a drier climate compared to other areas of the UK. However it doesn’t take a lot of rain to adversely affect the integrity of any roof structure that is left untreated and poorly maintained.

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We used SEAMSIL® 100 System ( by Giromax ) for the cut edge corrosion treatment. It’s a silicone based treatment designed specifically for profiled metal roofing sheets. It has elastic and flexible properties designed to withstand movement and is generally unaffected by UV light and temperature extremes.

demarcation to neighboring units

Local contractors had made a terrible job of repairs, offering a very low quality service for comparable costs. We were tasked with the job of making good what had been unprofessionally patched and bodged. Our partners Mega Scaffold UK provided safety scaffolding and edge protection around the building. Demarcation to neighboring units within the block was applied this being a mid block section, this provided safety for other retailers on either same side.

We are specializing more and more in corrosion treatment with Semasil so if you would like a friendly chat with one of our staff about your requirements please call 01606 554040 today!

roof fixing encapsulation enfield

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