Concrete Floor Painting for National Tyre Centre

concrete floor painting national tyre centre
Before, during and after concrete floor painting services completed.

Protyre is one of the largest nationwide tyre retailers in the UK and part of the MTS Group. From their service centres they provide tyre replacement/repair, MOT and servicing for thousands of vehicles each year. As you can imagine their equipment goes through considerable wear and tear over a relatively short period of time. Most notably the concrete flooring in their workshops.

Our mission

We were tasked with carrying out full concrete floor coating and refurbishment at the Protyre Winsford outlet. This involved carrying out a full site survey to asses the level of contamination from oil, grease and other chemicals before commencing work. The workshop would need to close for a short time to enable us to carry out the floor coating process safely and effectively. We liaised with management to arrange convenient dates for us to carry out the work and minimise disruption to normal operations at the centre.

concrete floor bad condition
Protyre service centre during normal business operations before coating work commenced.

Floor coating was scheduled to take place over a 4 day program during a bank holiday weekend. This would allow the minimum curing times in between coats. It would also ensure the coating system’s performance was fully optimised.

Concrete floor painting work starts

We are approved contractors partnered with the UK’s market leading paint manufacturers. The epoxy coating system we selected was delivered promptly and complete by our partners, ready for application. We deployed our technicians at the break of dawn ready for a full day on site. With the workshop closed and fully cleared of all non-fixed equipment our team set to work.

The first task of the day was to blast the thin layer of contaminents off the surface to reveal substrate. Good bonding and adhesion of the base layer was now ensured. We used grinders fitted with Makita woven steel brushes. These were attached to a 50 litre Makita dust extractor systems. Ensuring the service centre equipment was not contaminated with foreign dust particles was a key project requirement.

With the substrate suitably cleaned and exposed we then applied a base-coat evenly over the surface using notched trowels. Our technicians then used specialist rollers to eliminate any air bubbles. The base layer was then allowed to cure.

Top coats

With the base coat applied and suitably cured we began applying an intermediate coat followed by a finishing top coat the next day. Light grey 18B21 was the top coat colour of choice. This complimented Protyres branding creating an appealing contrast between the walls, equipment fixtures and yellow safety lines.

To finish

To finish and once the top coat was fully cured we mapped out and applied the yellow safety lines. These encompassed the in-ground hydraulic vehicle lifting systems, MOT Roller Brake Testers and workshop entrance/exit areas.

concrete floor coating finished 10
With all work complete the service centre is ready to reopen and resume normal operations, all with a shiny new floor that’s aesthetically pleasing for customers with all the benefits for staff including non-slip technology, chemical resistance and easy cleaning.

Approved contractors

As approved floor painting contractors for the system used, a 12 month delamination warranty was issued to our client, Protyre on completion. The new concrete floor system is low maintenance, chemical and slip resistant. It will be easy to clean and stand the test of time in this challenging environment. We only use the best materials and coatings so you can rest assured we deliver a first class service to our clients every time, guaranteed!

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