Why is Commercial Gutter Maintenance so Important?

gutter maintenance
Step by step process of gutter maintenance and refurbishment, from clearing out, washing down, preparation and final coating.

Gutter maintenance is more important than ever in the 2020s. As the climate gets wetter your gutters have more work to do. Wind is also a regular feature of our weather. Debris such as Leaves and other organic material combined with thousands of litres of water can be a big problem. If left unchecked drains will block and water will pool. Coatings will crack and peel. Metal roof components will begin corrode and leaks will appear.

You don’t need us to tell you how costly roof repairs can be. The disruption caused to the running of your business is also something you can do without. For the sake of a simple 30 minute check-up, depending on the roof size, you could save your business a fortune.

Gutter maintenance project on a commercial warehouse roof

In the example below we were invited to carry out a roof survey for the owner of a large warehouse in London. Our gutter lining expertise had been recommend by another client. We see many examples of poorly maintained gutter and roof systems. This was a particularly bad one. The previous roof contractor had failed to complete many important tasks. The coating used had completely failed. It had flaked, detached from the substrate and was deposited in the gutter system. During periods of heavy rain, water was leaking into the building.

cleaning blocked metal gutter
We begin by removing waste material and unblocking the gutter system.

Paint flakes combined with moss, animal droppings and leaves had congealed around the leaf screen wire balloon. Water was not always reaching the gutter drop. Instead it was pooling for long periods. A few pressure washer blasts would usually suffice and clear everything. However this one was particularly bad. We had to get in there and get dirty! Our team hacked and chiselled, taking care not to damage the gutter components.

seriously blocked commercial roof guttering
Severely blocked guttering system.

With the blockage broken up our team used water to loosen the debris. Flowing freely now the water quickly drained away. This enabled us to start bagging up all the waste material. It was a messy job but we’ve seen worse. Our initial survey had highlighted the issue. Our client was therefore aware it wasn’t going to be straightforward.

bagging up roof waste material
We bag-up roof waste materiel before washing down to clear remaining debris.

Gutter lining coating

With the gutters cleared of debris we wash down the entire system. This exposes any hidden damage and corrosion. Its important to spot problems early in any gutter maintenance project. Repairs are carried out and leaks are checked. Once complete, coating can begin.

second coating paint gutter lining
Applying the second coating to the gutter system.

A three coat system is applied. The substrate in this project was largely exposed. A primer was therefore necessary. It is brush applied and its coat number one. Next up the reinforced base coat. This is generously applied by roller.

metal gutter lining coating finished
Work complete, final coating applied and cured, water flow testing successful.

The top coat completes the project. Again its applied by roller. Rain water is now able to flow freely off the roof and into the drainage system.

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