Cleaning your Skylights will Save you Money

Recent studies carried out in Europe and the US have resoundingly proven that maintaining clean skylights saves £££’s in energy costs!

clean skylights save money
Recently cleaned and treated skylights allow natural light to flood in to the building with no need to use artificial electric lighting during daylight hours.

…could save £10,000+ over just a few years

How do clean skylights save money?

Imagine two 1,000 sq ft commercial units, one with clean skylights, the other no skylights at all. Without skylights or any source of daylight, lights will need to be switched on all times during working hours. However, the unit with clean skylights and sunlight pouring in all day will have not need to use artificial lighting. Your business could save £10,000+ over just a few years in electricity costs.

What causes dirty skylights?

A build up of debris and organic material such as moss, grass and even small tress can develop in no time at all. The longer its left, the more difficult and expensive the cleaning and clearance job will be. That’s why we would recommend having warehouse, retail unit or factory roof checked and washed down every two to three years. Even if the skylight has been treated it will still succumb to grime and dust.

Who provides skylight cleaning services?

Here at D&D Coatings we provide skylight cleaning services across the UK. This includes GRP rooflights, skylights and rooflights are basically the same thing. GRP skylights, if left untreated, will eventually absorb moisture and the fibres will begin to break apart. This is accelerated by any organic growth. The skylights will ultimately need to be replaced, at quite a considerable cost relative to the cost of treatment.

How are skylights cleaned and treated?

We start by carrying out a full inspection of the skylights and adjacent roof-sheets or tiles. Power-wash and brush cleaning is then carried out to remove debris and organic growth. Repairs are carried out if needed followed by a two coat glaze application to seal the skylights. This extends the period between when the skylights need to be cleaned. It does this by creating a protective barrier on the material. This slows down the build-up of dirt and eventually organic growth.

If you would like to find out about our skylight cleaning services please contact us today on 01606 554040 or visit our contact page, thank you!

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