AkzoNobel Message to Save the World’s Coral Reefs

AkzoNobel have created a special coatings for a Hi Fly Superjumbo in an effort to send a global message to save the world’s coral reefs

coated by akzonobel rolls royce engines 2
Rolls Royce engines coated by AkzoNobel.

The Mirpuri Foundation initiative has included new aircraft livery for a Hi Fly A380 as part of its latest campaign. The bright appealing design features coral reefs in ocean blue paint. The port side of the aircraft displays a pristine ocean and healthy marine life with a destroyed coral environment painted on starboard side.

AkzoNobel is a global leader in aerospace coatings. The complex design demonstrates the company’s colour and technical expertise. It also exhibits AkzoNobels unrivalled ability to translate colour trends and new designs into relevant colour palettes.

Hi Fly is the first Portuguese company to own an A380. Its joins an elite club of the of only four other airlines to operate the Superjumbo, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Air France.

a380 coated by akzonobel save coral reef
This complex livery design showcases AkzoNobel’s technical expertise.

AkzoNobel have created 19 colours for the design. Many of those were custom made, which is helping to drive home the message that the coral ecosystems will disappear by 2050 if no action is taken.

Said Martijn Dieben, AkzoNobel regional sales manager;

We’re proud to be involved with the Mirpuri Foundation’s Save the Coral Reefs campaign, which aligns so well with our own ambitions to continue lowering our environmental impact. The aircraft makes a strong statement about the importance of creating a sustainable future, and it’s good to see our products being used to carry such an important message.

Our products and formulations provide fit-for-purpose lasting color and protection, the very things that this campaign is focused on when it comes to fighting the destruction of coral reefs. Here’s hoping we can help to make a difference.

It’s the second time that AkzoNobel products have been used on a Mirpuri Foundation aircraft. The company also supplied high-performance aerospace coatings for the livery on their Turn the Tide on Plastic Airbus A330-200, which depicts a healthy ocean on one side and a polluted one on the other.

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