Powder Coatings Advantages

powder coatings electrostatic gun spraying
Powder coating application by spray gun to base material.

Here are 5 advantages to using powder coatings, from safety to efficiancy, we explore all the plus points!

Powder coatings are one of the most popular methods when it comes to applying a coating to base materials. They allow for quality coating depositions that can be applied very quickly, efficiently and safely. Of the various options of applying powder coatings, the most popular is electrostatic gun spraying. This method of electrically charging the powder as its sprayed using a gun has been employed since the 1960s and 70s and has been popular ever since. The powder is positively charged the base material is negatively charged which establishes an attraction between the two. The base material is then baked, melting the coating and created a shiny durable coating.

powder coatings technicials

What are the advantages of powder coatings?

  1. Safety

    Compared to paints that have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other solvents, powder coatings are harmless to the technicians applying them. Dust masks and safety goggles are usually worn even though most powder particle types don’t emit fumes. Powders don’t cause burns when in contact with the skin and are non-flammable.

  2. Efficiency

    There is less overspray with powder coatings because they are electrically charged creating an attraction between the substrate and powder. This results in less coating material being required. They also require less time to apply and result in a greater coating thicknesses.

  3. Quality

    Powder coatings have a high quality finish. This is achieved because the powder particles level themselves during application and are not susceptible to running. The coating is therefore more evenly applied to the substrate compared with liquid coatings. Powder coatings also require fewer layers compared to liquid coating which helps prevent defects between layers.

  4. Mechanical Properties

    Powder coatings are more able to bend with their substrate materials without cracking. They also have very good impact strength which reduces the risk of chipping. Many other coating types are prone to this type of failure. Powder coatings also have very good abrasion resistance compared to other coating materials.

  5. More Environmentally Friendly

    Aside from powder coatings most other materials contain harsh chemicals such as solvents VOCs. When released into the environment these can cause lasting damage. Particulates mix with the air to create a smog which causes damage to both wildlife and humans. VOCs are often absorbed by the ground eventually finding their way into the water table via streams, lakes and other water ways creating serious problems for the environment.

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