Are Zero VOC Paints more environmentally friendly?

zero voc paint
Zero VOC Paint – is it better for the environment?

Non-toxic paints commonly referred to as “Low-VOC”, “No-VOC”, “Zero VOC” and “VOC-Free”, coatings for a sustainable future…

Organic paint suppliers across the globe are committed to ensuring their products derive from sustainable sources. They primary goal is reduce pollution and waste throughout the lifespan of the products they make. Zero VOC paints are completely safe which makes them the obvious choice for consumers concerned about protecting the environment.

It’s very important consumers to be aware of the true impact of painting on the environment. Chemical paints emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs in short, many years after they have been applied. Paint companies are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to get ahead of their competitors. Developing better Zero VOC paints is a key goal of the vast majority of the worlds producers following the Paris climate accord.

Benefits of Natural Paints

  • Non-toxic – no hazardous fumes or harmful effects on health, significant for allergy sufferers and chemically sensitive people who are unable to tolerate chemical paints.
  • Environmentally Friendly – use renewable resources; are biodegradable, can even be composted.
  • Micro-Porous – allow walls and surfaces to breathe, preventing condensation and damp problems, and reducing associated indoor allergens.

The Law on VOC Content

Based on the European Paints Directive 2004/42/EC the decorative paint industry across Europe is required to follow strict VOC content legislation. The directive reduces the environmental impact by controlling the VOC content in paints. This has accelerating the move to water-based paints. Its also driven the development of new materials that would permit lower VOCs to be used.

The Directive revolves around a series of limits (maximum VOC content) for each category of paint, according to its type and application. Paint manufacturers demonstrate their compliance by showing the VOC content of their paint on the product label, referring to the appropriate category and limit.

Unfortunately several UK paint suppliers persist on using Zero VOC / VOC-free in their labelling. This is despite the industry’s best efforts to bring the issue to their attention. Additionally the misuse of Zero VOC terminology in the USA is also having an impact on the UK coatings sector. US producers commonly label any coatings with less than 5gm per litre as Zero VOC products. Some companies are actually importing these coatings into the UK.

In conclusion

The message to consumers must be to take a minute and consider whether they have chosen the right paint. They should verify any marketing claims associated with the product contents are accurate, especially regarding the impact on the environment.

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