Why Steel Roofing is the Better Option

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A 40 year old steel roof following cut-edge corrosion treatment and roof overpaint, looks as good as new.

We explore some of the many reasons why you should always opt for steel when choosing a roof material

Over the years we have been asked many times, why are so many commercial and public buildings constructed with steel roofs. The simple answer is, they are better all round and last longer.

One of the many services we provide here at D&D Coatings is cut edge corrosion treatment so we know a thing or two about steel roofs. Like anything else, a steel roof won’t last for ever. However with a little ‘TLC’ and professional maintenance it will outlast any other roofing system by a country mile. Here are some of the reasons why you should always choose a steel roof.

Longer Lasting

Longevity is a key reason why business choose a steel roofing system for buildings. Other roof materials need to be replaced up to four times more frequently compared with a roof constructed with steel roof sheets. A metal clad roof will last and perform for over 50 years in normal conditions. Very little in the way of maintenance is usually required in its lifespan. Both installation and maintenance costs are comparably much lower than they would otherwise be.

More Energy Efficient

Steel roofing reflects heat more effectively which in turn reduces cooling costs during summer months. A highly reflective painted or granular-coated steel roof outperforms all other alternatives in deflecting the suns energy. Installing a steel roof can also be beneficial to the environment. This works in two ways. Traditional roof materials such as asphalt contributes to over 10 billion kilograms of waste to landfill each year. On the other hand a steel roof can often be fixed to an existing roof. This removes the need to go to landfill.

Weather Resistance

Weather is becoming more extreme and we need to adapt. From storms, high winds, hail, snow and ice to brutal sunshine and heat, the weather is a roofs biggest cause of failure. Most roofing systems fail simply because they dry out and become brittle. A steel roof however is completely immune to this kind of damage. With the correct maintenance it will not crack, become brittle or leak when exposed to extreme weather.

Wind Resistance

Steel roof systems are tested vigorously in a laboratory to ensure they are safe to use. Steel roof sheets will retain their wind resistance and strength over time. Incredibly, a 30-year-old metal roof system will usually withstand wind in the same it did when it was first erected. Most other roofing systems don’t cannot match this kind of performance.

So there you have, some top reasons why ‘metal is best’ when it comes to choosing a roof material. If you would like to find out more about our steel roof protection services please head over to our contact page and give us a call or fill out the short form. Thank you!

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