Thermoplastic Coatings – Reducing the Financial Cost of Corrosion

north sea rig corroded
North Sea Oil Platforms suffer from severe corrosion exposed to the elements.

Recently NACE International carried out a study which revealed the annual global cost of corrosion. It is estimated to be an astonishing figure of £1.9 trillion globally. Oil costs in the North Sea are increasing faster than any other industrial sector.

Corrosion is thought to be the largest cause of issues affecting platforms and apparatus. Atrocious weather conditions along with rain mixed with seawater, wind and glaring heat from the sun all accelerate metal degradation. All this combined with damage caused by impact or abrasion, requires extensive maintenance. This all increases costs and in turn makes North Sea oil more expensive.

Searching for the Best Ways to Reduce Corrosion

Corrosion is basically metal breaking down when exposed to the elements. When metal comes into contact with oxygen and water it starts to corrode, what we commonly refer to as “rusting”. Onshore refineries suffer in different ways to their offshore counterparts. They need to withstand bombardment from UV rays, sandblasting during desert storms and chemical spill.

Offshore refineries suffer metal corrosion at a much faster rate. Wind, rain and huge waves all create an environment where electro-chemical corrosion is rampant. Corrosion in pipelines and other structures is a major maintenance headache for business. Corrosion often occurs at a rapid rate once metal is exposed on offshore facilities. Bolts and nut heads particularly around welding joints are at a higher risk. Its difficult to protect such components with coatings due to their shape and positioning.

desert oil rig
Desert based oil production facilities suffer from corrosion in different ways, prominently as a result of the wind, rain, moisture and sand combined.

Whether assets are based in the sand and blistering heat of the Middle East or situated in an offshore marine environment, corrosion leads to increased maintenance costs, affecting operational and capital expenditure. And so, preventing corrosion is a vital step for asset owners worldwide. You can read more about this here.

The Solution may be Oxifree TM198

So what is Oxifree TM198 I hear you ask! Oxifree TM198 is a thermoplastic coating designed to protect metallic components. It contains organic corrosion inhibitors, its reusable and provides immediate protection against corrosion and contamination.

It’s ecologically safe and non-hazardous…

With minimal surface preparation and no downtime during application, TM198 is easy to apply with no waste. TM198 can be applied to moving equipment as it encapsulates without adhesion, secreting a natural inhibiting oil that acts as a secondary barrier to the ingress of water or other contaminants.

How it works – Watch the Videos

Oxifree General Video

Oxifree General Video

Oxifree General Video

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