Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment for Phoenix Healthcare Distribution in Birmingham

We recently carried out cut edge corrosion treatment on a roof structure that was in the early stages of failure!

Phoenix Healthcare in Birmingham contacting us some months ago requesting our services. Our task was to repair and protect the roof panel sheet ends at their Hams Hall Distribution centre. We visited the site and carried out a survey soon afterwards to inspect the roof. Our report was submitted including a schedule to carry out the work. Once everything was agreed we booked the project in and started work in February.

scaffolding tower steel warehouse
One of the scaffolding towers we had installed to provide access to the roof area of this vast site.

Phoenix requested a speedy turnaround for the project with minimum disruption to their distribution operations. We therefore placed two teams of cut edge corrosion treatment staff on site. To begin scaffolding was erected starting with a tower at opposite ends of the building. These were placed in quiet areas of the site not used in daily operations.

roof workers cut edge corrosion treatment
Two of our cut edge corrosion team working on the roof sheets, preparing the area for treatment. Tred-Safe™ a high-strength, fully walkable fiberglass panels are installed on this roof structure to British safety standards so scaffolding around these areas was not required.

With the towers erected the safety scaffolding was fitted to the perimeter of the roof. Our teams were then able to start work washing down and removing the corroded (rusted) material on the sheet ends. This involved high pressure jet wash and metal grinding with high power tools. The area was then allowed to dry out overnight before our teams applied the mastic seal along the overlaps.

phoenix healthcare distribution coating company company vehicles
We placed two teams working on this project to ensure everything was completed on schedule.

February is an unpredictable time of year where the weather is concerned. Wet and windy weather was forecast at the time of this project. In order to remain on schedule we decided temporarily put three teams to work on the site working overtime. This meant we were able to apply the Seamsil 100 basecoat before the weather turned.

large grey steel roof sky lights distribution park
Phoenix Healthcare Distribution centre at Hams Hall in Birmingham.

We were able to apply the Seamsil 100 topcoat following a days break due to the wet weather. By getting ahead of schedule with extra staff meant we finished on time, even though we stopped work for 24 hours. The sheet ends are now good for at least another 10 years with our manufacturers warranty.

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