The Advantages of Steel Roofing

vast steel roof england
The vast steel roof on a Warehouse in Northern England.

Why are steel roofs so widely used in constructing large buildings across the world?

We are often asked this question during discussions to re-coat and weatherproof steel roofs. Clients who are unaware of the benefits of metal roofs assume because they corrode they must be bad. Quite simply, if a metal roof is properly maintained it will outlast and outperform any other building material.

The main benefit of metal roofs is the number of options you have to choose from. The list is long and includes Galvanized Steel, Zinc, Aluminum and Copper. These materials are incredibly robust and durable. Shape forming, cutting and fitting is also made easy by the light weight and flexibility of these metal roof materials.

white coated steel roofs green grass
White coated steel units, a good barrier for extreme weather.

The Roof of a building plays a key role in its energy efficiency. Roofs are the biggest barrier against the cold, keeping warm air inside and cold air outside. They also work to ventilate in hot weather and deflect the suns rays. There are three key factors in making all this work. The metal used to build the roof, the type of ventilation installed and the coatings used, specifically the colour. Metal roofs can reduce heat gain by up 30%!

Selecting the correct colour on a metal roof is just as important as selecting the correct materials. Put simply, roofs with a light coloured coating reflect heat and are therefore better suited to warmer climates. On the other hand a metal roof with a darker coating is better in colder climates as it will absorb more heat from the sun.

A Metal roof will last longer than other roof types. They are more able to withstand damage from high winds, heavy rain, snow and ice. Compared with other building materials metal is simply stronger. Metal roofs been found to last for up to 70 years. A metal roof is also resistant to micro-organisms that can damage a roof structure. They will shed dirt more easily than other surfaces even on lower gradients.

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