AkzoNobel Issues £360K in Carbon Credits to Ship Owners

akzonobel ship coating carbon credits
Chemicals giant AkzoNobel issues credits worth £360,000 to ship owners who have switched to using environmentally friendly anti-fouling coatings on their ships.

AkzoNobel Issues £360K in Carbon Credits to Ship owners who use its Emissions-Reducing Coatings on their Ships

To the delight of its customers and stakeholders alike, AkzoNobel have launched the new scheme where by ship owners will be issued carbon credits for using its greener anti-fouling systems on their fleets. The programme was first launched in 2014 by an AkzoNobel and Gold Standard Foundation collaboration.

AkzoNobel today said it had issued more than 126,000 carbon credits worth more than £350,000. These were issued to ship owners who have converted their vessels from biocidal anti-fouling systems to AkzoNobel’s Intersleek 900 hull coating system. The Intersleek system lowers fuel consumption which results lower CO2 emissions from vessels that use it.

container ships to use greener anti fouling technology
AkzoNobel hopes all ship owners will switch to use greener anti fouling technology.

The new Intersleek 900 is the latest innovation in foul release coatings and has been developed by AkzoNobel. Because of its exceptionally smooth and slippery surface it prevents sea and fresh water organisms. The low friction surface aids the ships hull in gliding through water saving an average of 9% fuel and emissions. Its a win win situtaion for ship owners, they save time and money at sea and become kinder to the environment.

Watch the Intersleek Video to see it in use

Professor James Corbett Talks about Intersleek®900

In the video above Prof. James Corbett talks about how Intersleek®900 has been proven by the Energy and Environmental Research Associates to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions by an average of 9%.

Intersleek 900 is a truly remarkable advance in shipping technology

Intersleek 900 is great news for the shipping industry which is currently under pressure to improve its environmental performance. Incredibly the 16 ships that received credits for switching to Intersleek saved more than 1,250 tons of fuel which equated to 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide in just one year.

The data from AkzoNobel has been verified following a rigorous assessment of 16 vessels by independent auditors RINA Services and the Gold Standard Foundation.

In a recent interview AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings managing director, Oscar Wezenbeek stated :

Its a tremendous moment for AkzoNobel. With the carbon credits program, we are demonstrating leadership and innovation in driving sustainability,” he said in a statement. We have long known that our Intersleek coatings can contribute to reducing carbon emissions from the shipping industry,” added Trevor Solomon, Intersleek business manager and manager of the carbon credits programme. “With the award of the first carbon credits, we now have independent validation and verification of those fuel and emission savings by respected auditors and the Gold Standard Foundation.”

Take a look at the infographic to see to see how the Cabon Credits system works, click to enlarge it if necessary :

how akzonobel carbon credits work infographic

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