Roof Coating in Wakefield, Warrington and Altrincham

Despite the wet weather November and December was a busy period for roof coating, from Wakefield to Warrington our teams worked tirelessly to complete all projects on time

aerial photos total fitness wakefield
Aerial view of Total Fitness in Wakefield during our end of defects inspection, we are pleased to say there were no snags.

Following cladding coating projects in Chester and Middlewich our teams went straight on to their next projects. With no time to waste they began preparing the steel surfaces and washing down ready for the base coats. The going certainly wasn’t easy with the wind and rain we had to contend with but we managed to power on through and meet our targets.

We worked at full capacity for the six weeks running up to Christmas and our suppliers didn’t let us down either. All materials on order, including large supplies of Seamsil, were delivered on site precisely when they were needed. Having reliable suppliers is key to a successful project.

roof overspray warrington steelseal
Good progress on one half of this large roof in Warrington, the other half will be completed the following day.

Gutter Lining

In addition to all the roof coating we carried out on the run up to Christmas gutter lining projects featured quite heavily in our schedule. It’s never the ideal time of year to carry out such work here in the UK. However we are proud to say we always rise to the challenge. Rainfall, whether its heavy or light, can play havoc on gutter coating and lining projects. Without the correct preparation you could easily loose hours if not days of precious time.

gutter lining denton
On going gutter lining and cut edge work in Denton.

Work was also carried out at Wilmslow on a curved roof structure and in Denton on the outskirts of Manchester. The project at Denton involved sheet end cut edge corrosion work which we carried out at the same time. Again Seamsil was the brand of choice on this project along with Delcote HPG for gutter lining.

gutter lining wilmslow
Gutter lining work in Wilmslow showing before and after lining has been complete.

Fire Escape Industrial Painting

In amongst the roof coating and gutter lining projects we carried out industrial painting in Warrington on a fire escape and other building components. A bright yellow top coat was used to enhance and improve the visual appearance of the exterior of these industrial units. Our client was very happy and commented that the end results were beyond their expectations.

yellow fire escape industrial painting before after
Before and after industrial painting on an external fire escape spiral stairway.

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