Corrosion Inhibition of Magnesium in Coatings

corroded magnesium chain link

A recent study looked in to the anti-corrosive property of synthesised Nano ZnO rods and CeO2 particles. Both ZnO and CeO2 have good anti-corrosion abilities. Zinc oxide nanorods and cerium dioxide, with and without composition, were tested in the study to investigate the corrosion inhibition. The result revealed the high protection rate achieved by the composition.

In the research a detailed investigation of the corrosion inhibition performance of magnesium (Mg) substrate coated nanoparticles such as cerium oxide (CeO2), zinc oxide nanorods (ZnO) and composites of both CeO2 and ZnO were studied. Synthesised nanoparticles were characterised by various physio-chemical techniques.

CeO2/ZnO Composite Coating Provides Improved Corrosion Resistance

Surface morphology of the developed set of specimens were scrutinised through SEM and EDAX. This established a clean surface coating with minimal defects attainment through the doctor’s blade method. Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Mg substrates coated with definite proportions of CeO2, ZnO and CeO2/ZnO composites were conceded in 3.5 wt. % NaCl using Tafel polarisation and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The result was that the developed CeO2/ZnO composite coating exhibited icorr of 0.905 (A cm−2) and corrosion rate was 0.81 × 10−5 mpy better corrosion resistance compared with bare Mg or CeO2 or ZnO coatings.

You can read the full study here

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