Intumescent Coatings Demand set to Increase

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Researchers estimate the intumescent coatings market will reach £105 billion ($1.31 USD) by 2025!

An Increasing population, safety standards legislation and technological intumescent coatings advancements related will trigger growth in the market. Rising demand in the construction and automotive manufacturing industries will be the primary growth drivers in the increase.

Increasing awareness regarding the use of fire retardants is good news for all concerned. Safety requirements in the chemical, oil and gas industries are the main factors driving the growth of the global intumescent coatings market. In such industries the risk of the fire is high. In increase in consumer awareness regarding fire retardants in fire protection systems for buildings is also going to drive the intumescent coatings market in future.

The Intumescent Coatings Market Research Report 2017 is a professional and depth research report on Intumescent Coatings Market that would help to know the world’s major regional market conditions. The main region including North American, Europe and Asia etc., and the main country including United States, Germany, Japan and China etc.

The global intumescent coatings market is expected to reach USD 1.31 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Increasing awareness regarding the use of  primarily in commercial and industrial establishments is expected to emerge as the primary growth driver over the next nine years.

The intumescent coatings market is divided three primary sectors, they are :

  • Water based coatings.
  • Solvent based coatings.
  • Epoxy-based coatings.

The water based coatings segment is seeing fastest growth in the coatings market currently. It is favoured most by industry because of its fast drying.

What are Intumescent Coatings?

Intumescent Coatings remain stable at ambient temperatures and look much like any regular coating once applied. In a fire situation however the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction in the coatings. They swell when exposed to heat and the resulting increase in density creates a protective barrier against fire.

Intumescent coatings are vital in fire protection of structural components such as steel and concrete. Columns, joists and beams are all key to maintaining a building or vehicles integrity, especially in the event of fire. The capacity of fire protection depends on the type of intumescent coating.

Intumescent coatings now cover a wide range of structural sections. They include rigid steel joists, columns, concrete filled tubes and circular or rectangular hollowed sections. It is possible to protect people for up to three hours after the outbreak of fire, depending on the type of intumescent coating in use.

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