Cladding Coating at Darland Sports Centre in Wrexham

Darland Sports Centre requested our services to re-coat the exterior cladding and refresh the appearance with a new shade of forest green

green cladding spray coating walls wrexham steel sheets
Spray coating steel cladding in progress at Darland Sports Centre in Wrexham, North Wales.

Work commenced in June with perfect weather conditions for spray coating, the last thing we needed was high winds and rain. We put two teams on the project to ensure a quick turnaround. We had full ground access to the site so used an articulating boom lift. This saved time and costs with scaffolding installation and hire.

The first phase of the project was to carry out a full and detailed inspection of the areas to be re-coated. Our building surveyor had already carried out an inspection of the site for purposes of project costing and planning. However, prior to commencing all cladding coating projects it is always necessary to inspect the panels and fixtures at close range.

cladding coating team vehicles cherry picker green walls
Our cladding coating teams on site ready to start work at Darland Sports Centre in Wrexham.

Following our full pre-coating inspection, using our articulating boom lift ‘cherry picker’, staff got on with the job of washing down and cleaning the panels including their fixtures and fittings. This is done in preparation to spray coating the cladding and other areas of the external walls. Our staff work to high standards and have meticulous attention to detail. Any loose material, no matter how small, is removed to ensure perfect adhesion of the new coating.

With continuing favorable weather conditions our teams made great progress. Following wash down and cleaning the cladding coating phase was soon underway. We operate a team of up to three staff when using the cherry picker. A spray operator and occasionally an assistant will work in the cage while a third member of staff will supervise the drive-base at ground level.

darland sports centre wrexham

Completion of this project finished ahead of schedule, as do the majority of our projects. If you would like to enquire about our cladding coating services please get in touch today by calling 01606 556040 or visiting our contact page.

darland sports centre wrexham complete

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